Wrestling Streamers

Out of curiosity, does anyone on this board follow any streamers? Personally I dont watch any streams, but I sometimes catch reaction videos and I sometimes watch videos on IG/TikTok.

If anyone does, who are your favs?

One Tik Tok channel I enjoy is “Guess the Wrestler”, I find it entertaining as you can kind of play along. Host are very likeable to IMO.

I like watching wrestlers streaming on twitch but it can be entertaining to non interactive, fun or weird. There’s a wide range.
Johnny Gargano playing Spiderman was pretty nice.
Andre Chase has a Q&A before he plays games, which is nice.
Alpha Academy training sessions is a very strange format to say the least.
I need to watch Shelton Benjamin, very curious, he’s a big gamer.
The best streams used to be when Drew Gulak was commenting indie matches, a few years ago.

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Speedball Mike Bailey is really fun to watch on Twitch. He watch wrestling matches requested by viewers and answer chat questions.

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