WWE 24: Wrestlemania Orlando

Just watched this, production is as great as ever with these specials. Undertaker breaking character is always interesting, as was seeing some of the other elements like the Hardys sneaking in.

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I thought it was a terrific and a very entertaining hour on some of the behind-the-scenes of last year’s wrestlemania. John Cena being lost and making the Spinal Tap reference was hilarious.

That being said, I would have liked to have seen a brief part of the documentary focusing on the amazing set design and construction.

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Another great Episode of WWE 24. Loved the stuff with Taker out of character, John Cena being shocked his mom was there and The Hardyz sneaking in the building. I wish they talked about the stage a bit more since it was the best one i’ve seen in years. I just hated the Nikki Bella stuff since i can’t stand her.

I enjoyed this one better than the Dallas special. It was depressing as hell watch the Dallas special and seeing how they used AJ’s loss to Jericho as a highlight. That was literally the worst booking decision of 2016. They sacrificed AJ’s mania by beating him and winning the next night in a 4 way that most don’t remember.

I’m sure AJ is crying himself to sleep over losing to Chris fucking Jericho today.

That encapsulates what’s wrong with hardcore wrestling fans and their impatience.

Even Meltzer said it wasn’t a good idea. having the feud end in a 4 way made no sense and no clear end was a bad call. Jericho didnt need a win at mania to get him ready for dean where he lost 2 ppvs in a row. AJ losing gave Cena material in his promo during their feud to say that AJ hadn’t done anything up to that point.

But Meltzer said…lol.

Also Cena lost his feud with AJ…so that line helped out more because of it.

It’s not like he’s the champion or anything…nah…he lost to Chris Jericho two years ago.

I always wondered why WWE doesn’t get nominated for special sports emmys or stuff like that. Their production quality is second to none

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Did anybody catch the random Robby Lawler cameo right before the Undertaker match?