WWE 2K19 Discussion

Rusev, Lana and the B-Team hosted the first roster reveal new characters so far Adam Cole, Kyle O’Riley, Velveteen Dream, Tyler Bate, Liv Morgan, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, Bianca Belair, Kari Sane, Pete Dunne, Sarah Logan, Shayna Baszler

Some surprises in the first reveal, first, i was surprise bianca belair got included since she not really a big featured star in NXT. Then surprise that tomasso Chiampa wasn’t announce as it seem like they were doing Raw and NXT this week and he was part of the hottest angle in NXT since the beginning of the year. Also suprise that Nikki Cross didn’t get announce but i wouldn’T be surprise if she get announce next week.

Finally, surprise that a lot of big name from Raw got announce during the credit like Lesnar and Ambrose just to name them. Also kinda feel bad for Mike kannelis who seem to be one of the rare guy on the Raw roster that’s not going to be in the game this year.

I think they’ll do 4 or 5 of these so more names to come

i’m more guessing that they have 2 more to come since 95% of the raw roster as been announced today.

I feel that next week it will be the smackdown/205 live roster reveal and then in two weeks it will be the legends and DLC content.

They might announce some of the missing NXT guys and maybe some more NXT UK guy in the coming weeks but i really doubt it.

I owned every WWF/E major console game with a few exceptions and I’m finally throwing in the towel. I’d pick up the games even when I stopped watching the product, but I just can’t justify spending money on these games anymore. Minor improvements in areas that weren’t that bad combined with drastic reductions in other fun areas has been just too much. Somebody wake me up when universe mode has stable vs stable, managers, fun feuds, etc.

It’s surprising to hear they haven’t figured this out yet.

What does everyone think was the best week game in the last 12 years?

The best WWE game in the last while was WWE 13 for me with the Attitude Era showcase. I thought that was the coolest thing ever at the time, and before the Attitude Era got shoved down our throats over the years to the point of exhaustion.

I’ve already pre ordered the Ric Flair edition for this year, the roster addtiions and the Daniel Bryan showcase are enough to get me in. Plus, there’s rumored to be an ROH match in the showcase featuring Nigel/Daniel in his last ROH match.

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I really liked WWE '13 too, but thought WWE 2K14 took it to the next level with the Wrestlemania mode. 13 & 14 are definitely two of the best wrestling games in the series.

And after 2K14 then Yukes & 2K Sports have used the “simulation” style gameplay which gets on my nerves and has ruined every game since for me.

It doesn’t matter how large the roster is in 2K19 or what gamemodes are in it or what graphics improvements they make. If they are still using the broken simulation style without a massive overhaul I won’t even bother trying it.

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I used to buy 2K pretty much every year just to have the latest roster, but I threw in the towel a couple of years ago. Universe Mode sucked with “feuds” that were just playing the same singles match over and over (realistic, but still…). Once I got through whatever special features that year had (the Austin career retrospective and the Wrestlemania timeline come to mind), I pretty much stopped playing.

i still buy them mostly because of this being a tradition but i really hope this year the game will improve especially on gameplay because the roster really isn’t that great this year. They pretty much just went on WWE.com and check the raw and smackdown roster and who was available at the time of them scanning everybody and they decided to included the whole roster for both Raw and Smackdown. 205 Live is pretty much the whole roster except for Kendrick(probably because he was injured at the time and Murphy and rush because they we’re called up after mania) and NXT which took the biggest blow since Ciampa and Nikki cross aren’t in the game (mostly because they we’re injured at the time). But the biggest mishap is that they took out a lot of legends out of the game and it’S mostly tag teams like the freebirds, The bushwhackers, The natural disasters and the von erichs, So that mean that it’s kind of hard to create a legends universe in universe mode if you don’t have tag team to use or even worst, since the rock & roll Express are pretty much feuding themselves in the game.

Anyway, i really hope all the extras mode in the game will be worth it because if i base myself on the roster, it’s pretty much sucks.

The big question here is : Is Hulk Hogan going to be part of the roster ?

If he’s in the game, he’s going to be a dlc character.

I know I just posted about how there was no way I was going to get the game if the gameplay system stays the same. But the new trailer they just released is CRAZY:

Zombie HHH?
Creepy Wyatt Compound?
Big Head Mode?
Golden AJ Styles?

I will at least give 2K credit for trying some new things this year.

More power to those that can have fun playing these games (and I’ve seen people putting out some fun stuff about them, as recently as Polygon doing Brand Slam with created wrestlers made to look like corporate mascots), but I’ll continue to have more fun watching people trying to play them than actually play them myself.

I pre-ordered the Ric Flair’s Collectors Edition. What can I say. I like to waste money. The full roster is nice but no real surprises. This video did get me legitimately excited.

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For me, it just became a tradition to buy the game mostly because i don’t buy a lot of video games and i mostly play wrestling games even if they are boring. So i bought the deluxe edition because i don’t really care about all the extra stuff they put in the Wooo edition. All i want is the game and the season pass plus the extra characters which when you buy them separately cost you more then if you buy them all at once. So this is my big expense every year. I kinda call it my early birthday gift to myself since my birthday is in october.

I’m waiting for the version without any silly bugs.