Wwe and Facial Hair

I’m watching double or nothing and noticed the looks of JR and Tony Schiavone. I have been watching both men since childhood and have seen their looks change over time.

Normal people do change looks to change the time.i remember Schiavone’s thin mustache in the 80s and JR’S babyface hatless look.

Seeing these two older men with facial hair (very common today) made me think just how weird it is that every single male commentator on wwe TV has zero facial hair. None.

Pat macafee remarked on throwback smackdown that it was the first time he had ever had to shave to look like a throwback Vince mcmahon. That was three weeks ago and still macafee remains baby faced. This is clearly a mcmahon and Dunn edict. I get the cosmetic part of the business but shouldn’t the look of performers , wrestlers or other reflect the times where we live?

Either way the other thing I noticed is the aew team is wayyy better a d more fluid than any combo wwe has. The focus should be on the voices and knowledge of commentators and not the looks.

Kinda reminds me how it seemed like every “superstar” in the late 90s had long hair. If you were a casual viewer you wouldn’t know the difference between a bunch of them.

As an adult who struggles to grow facial hair that isn’t utterly embarrassing, I’m Team WWE on this one.

But seriously, I feel like Vince sees himself as a Steinbrenner type of owner and the No Facial Hair rule is just an extension of that. Flex all the power and control you have because you are the biggest business of your kind in the whole world.

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I see that. Micromanager to the max.

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If sneezing, nodding, or being vegetarian is enough to put you on the shitlist, imagine what Vince thinks of qualities which are actually perceptible to the viewing public.