WWE announces all women's pay-per-view for October

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At the start of Monday’s edition of Raw, Vince McMahon introduced Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon to announce the first WWE all women’s pay-per-view event.

The show will be promoted as “Evolution” and takes place Sunday, October 28th at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York.

It was announced that the Raw women’s title, the SmackDown women’s title, and NXT women’s title will be defended on the show. The card will also feature the finals of this summer’s Mae Young Classic, which takes place August 8th and 9th at Full Sail University.

It was hinted during the announcement that there will be women’s performers from the past, present, and future on the event.

In a follow-up post from the company, they have announced that all the women on the roster will be on hand for the show and specifically listed the following:
*Ronda Rousey
*Charlotte Flair
*Alexa Bliss
*Sasha Banks
*Nia Jax
*Trish Stratus


But most of all, we were all reminded that WWE is the most important babyface in the women’s division. God forbid they use things like calling up three popular NXT wrestlers, changing the nomenclature from “divas” to women, or announcing the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, or PPV to build an important storyline or get somebody over.

Feels like WWE makes just as many mistakes as they do strides with their women sometimes, but I’ll never not celebrate them elevating their female performers like this. This is a huge event for the girls and I know they’ll kill it.


I can’t go to the bathroom for 3 hours. I mean…c’mon.

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not to pile on, but it’s a vocal minority of online users that seem to set this “women need equivalent” standard. I have a feeling this isn’t going to do well at all. like others, when I was watching wwe I would skip ahead of all of the women stuff.

The WWE has come a long way. I’m doing a marathon of WWECW and even back in 2006 and 2007 they had semi-striping segments and dancing girls as time fillers. WWE currently has the best women’s roster that I’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to this show.

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I was hoping after Stephanie made the announcement, we’d get senile Vince on the mic, telling us we’d be getting pudding matches or gravy matches as a joke, but in this PG era of life in 2018, people would get fake mad over it.

When I heard that WWE has an upcoming P.P.V/Network special called “Evolution” I though…

Then I heard it was an "All Women’s P.P.V/Network special, and I though…

Honestly. I’m sure it’ll be good, but right now I can’t say that I’m excited not underwhelmed, just, “Whatever?”

I’m gonna wait for some of the matches to be announced before judging this. It has the potential to be awesome if the talent is right and is booked in interesting matches. It’s a shame they’ve announced that all 3 women’s titles will be defended as this could have been the show to do the 4 Horsewomen vs. 4 Horsewomen match.

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I think it’s a good idea in theory – but if this is going to be a 4 -5 hour show it could really drag in places. The top 2/3 matches should all be good – assuming they get the titles off Carmella and Bliss and onto better workers, outside of that it could be pretty awful. Main PPVs are a drag and they’ve got a far bigger talent pool to choose from

I’m happy for them since they worked hard to get this moment. But at the same time, I’m kinda dreading the fact that women’s like Dana Brooke, Lana and Alicia fox will get a match on the show which I’m not looking forward to.

But in theory, it’s a good idea especially since it will help promote the mad young classic which I bet will air in October since the finals is on the show plus it might help some of the NXT girls get some exposure on a bigger show.

On a side note, did Nikki cross started on the main roster without anybody noticing because they place her in the front row during the announcement and felt like a major part of the announcement.

I think Nikki’s been working the live events recently so I’m guessing a full call up isn’t far away.

Isn’t this a transparent attempt to offset the inevitable backlash to another Saudi Arabia show where women are banned in the fall?

I think they would have done it anyway, it’s another reason for Stephanie to put herself over as the leader of the women’s revolution despite the fact that when she was head of creative the women’s were either wrestling for thirty seconds or in mud or even a combination of the two.

I cant wait for the first time ever all 205 Live PPV.

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I do think it’s exciting but it is a revolution for WWE not for wrestling. Shimmer, for example, has been doing female PPV’s since 2005.

And before that was WOW Unleashed!

And before that was GLOW.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having an all women’s PPV but the WWE promoting an all women’s PPV will have people face palming and cringing before we’re even a month away from the actual show. It’s not as bad as the way they announced the women’s Royal Rumble which made the women in the ring look weak and pathetic but it was still kind of lame. And that’s if we’re just talking about WWE promoting the PPV.

When we actually talk about WWE promoting the matches as feuds between the women in one segment while also getting every woman to say “we’re in this together, this is sisterhood” in another segment then we’re going to go to a whole new level of absurdity with the PPV not being taken seriously and it just being treated as a charity case.

And why did they change it to “Women’s Evolution” from “Women’s Revolution”? It seems backwards. “Revolution” suggests they’re forcefully fixing things by making things change whereas “Evolution” suggests that the women are finally changing and improving (although in real terms, “evolution” is a very slow process of changing and adapting just enough to survive).

I would love it if we just had at least one woman come out and bury the “movement” and make it about themselves. An obvious heel move which could lead to a decent stoyline. Instead we’ll probably get Nia Jax, Rousey & Alexa hug and cry together.

I do want this to be good from the build up to the actual show but do I have any faith in the WWE? No. At least they’re getting all the “firsts” and the cringeworthy way they promote “firsts” out of the way. Maybe they’ll be less cringeworthy with the way they promote the “seconds”…

Auska/Charlotte bra and panty match.