WWE announces match for the Evolution event in October

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/08/18/wwe-announces-match-for-the-evolution-event-in-october/

The WWE has officially announced that Alexa Bliss will take on Trish Stratus at the Evolution pay-per-view on Sunday, October 28th in Long Island, New York.

A graphic was displayed at the Barclays Center prior to the TakeOver event and began circulating online prior to the WWE officially announcing the match.

Stratus last appeared in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match this past January and was announced along with Lita for the October event.

I bet a lot of the women were annoyed that Trish went to Alexa, many must have been trying to get that match. I do think it spoils a little though, as I can’t see that being for the title so that kind of tells me that Ronda is winning the belt, which I kind of thought was going to happen any way.

Not necessarily, even though its likely to be non title, the story of a returning legend going for the title one more time might be an intriguing storyline for in an important show.

Assuming Ronda is the champ, who does she defend against (That is seemed a credible challenger)

If we’re limiting the options to the Raw women’s division, then my pick is heel Natalya.

Even though they could make Alexa-Trish a title match, I don’t think it makes much sense to pile so much on one match when you’ve got an entire card to fill at Evolution.

I think you can have Ronda win the belt tonight (yeah it’s too soon, but I don’t think any other woman on the roster has the juice to headline a PPV) and then defend against Nattie or Nia at Evolution. :100:

I’m with you, I actually think Ronda/Alexa will main event tonight as well. You could even do a Ronda/Shayna match since Baszler has just lost the NXT title, plenty of history there and you can build off the fact Ronda went straight to the main roster while Baszler has had to work through NXT.
Even if you don’t do that, there is plenty out there in terms of choice and you can build easily enough, right now any match with Ronda is a fresh match and with a little push it can be made to feel big.

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I know WWE has many reasons beyond “the creative” to want the show to do well. But I really hope this isn’t just a hot-shot card. It’s a disservice to the women who work a full schedule if they’re going to fill the card with part-timers and “legends” rather than book storylines for their wrestlers that fit into the weekly product before and after the PPV.

I know the WWE PR spin will be about paying respects to the women who helped start the “revolution”, but to me it all reeks of WWE being embarrassingly late to the party when it comes to how they present their female talent and now trying to capitalize on it as if they are innovators without any real plans for the women currently on the roster.

I hope I’m wrong, but this seems pretty consistently with how WWE has promoted the women’s division over the last several years: WWE is the top star in the division, and the women are just lucky work for such a progressive, forward-thinking company.

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Online crybabies are already going “why no Sasha?”…Because who’s been the consistent best female performer for the past two years? Hasn’t been her and don’t blame creative on that…they can’t wrestle her matches for her.

Also…book Ronda vs Nikki Bella. For no other reason than to show how hypocritical women’s wrestling fans are when it comes to someone who’s done more for the women’s revolution than the ones they heap praise on. Look into it.

Honestly, I think Charlotte’s been the most consistent woman on the roster over the past 2 years…Although that’s not exactly a high bar considering what main roster creative has done (or not done) with talent like Bailey, Asuka, & even Becky. In terms of Sasha, she’s fine; but the creative around her has been pretty lackluster ever since the Superstar Shakeup.

Judging by current creative, I think we either get a Sasha-Bailey grudge match or Sasha/Bailey/Ember Vs. The Riot Squad at Evolution. :100:

Sasha and Bayley are going to be the new women’s tag team champions.

And I’ll be ready to point out Velvet McIntyre and princess Victoria if they even try saying “first ever”.