WWE announces the first match for the Survivor Series

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On Raw, it was announced that this year’s Survivor Series event will once again feature a Raw vs. SmackDown theme with the first match announced for the card.

Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey will take on SmackDown women’s champion Becky Lynch at the show on Sunday, November 18th from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

The WWE will only have two weeks to promote the annual November show following Crown Jewel this Friday.

No lie I am interested in that match. I just don’t want Ronda or Becky (especially Becky) to be fighting for their “brand” like previous Survivor Series/Bragging Rights.


I think they could work it. It’s a good way of having a non-title match, and their characters are actually quite similar. They could work the angle like the two just want to beat the shit out of eachother rather than to represent their respective brands.

Get ready for the beginning of the end for Rowdy Ronda’s honeymoon period in WWE.

Prediction: Rousey gets boo’d out of the building and Becky feels like a female wrestling god

This is the first time they are pairing Rousey with a tried and true in-ring revolutionary. I’ve held belief the crowd will stay behind her until she’s against a talent the crowd decides shouldn’t be buried by her. Well, Becky is that exact talent. She’s organically over. She is known. She is an NXT alum an an original “women’s evolution” talent. Rousey at Survivor Series is going to feel like all those nights we watched Roman or Cena be pushed to the moon over our favorite stars.

Not what I’d have booked. And for a different perspective - my casual fan buddy who I think the Rousey novelty would appeal to, hates her in WWE. He wants her booked like a female Brock or not at all. He’s been waiting for a chance to point to the talent getting buried by her and so far nobody really has that matters. But now he’s got his ammo. I think this ignited the turn by the crowd.

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I see this as a dream match of the 2 most over women’s in the company right now. Booked right, Becky will get a good match out of Ronda and fans will get behind both participant because of who they are.

It would be interesting if the WWE was able to promote it like the World Series or something. The best from each brand face off, have hard fought battles, there is a winner, and neither side is hurt. All the wrestlers go back to train and wrestle each other on their respective brands to earn the right to wrestle at Survivor Series again the opposing brand again. After the World Series this year, I didn’t go back thinking how terrible the National League is because an American League team won. I’m curious to see if the WWE can do the same thing with Raw vs. Smackdown.

I personally don’t like doing the champions vs. champions matches at Survivor Series as one is going to be made to look weaker than the other. This match does interest me but I feel like Ronda is still going to leave the winner, even though Becky is on the roll of her career.

It’s a bad idea.

There’s no reason at all to book this match and there is no way it will end with a finish that isn’t screwy.

Ronda will get booed, Becky will try to get cheap heat and fail, and both will be worse off.

But hey, it’s all about brand supremacy right?