WWE confirms stadium event for Melbourne in October feat. The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/06/16/wwe-confirms-stadium-event-for-melbourne-in-october-feat-the-undertaker-vs-triple-h/

The WWE has officially announced another stadium show for 2018 with the “Super Show-Down” at the 100,000 seat Melbourne Cricket Grounds on Saturday, October 6th. The news of the stadium event was first reported back in March by the Melbourne Herald Sun.

The WWE will be partnering with TEG Dainty to present the show, who also promoted the 2002 Global Warning event at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

The promotional poster states the event will air on the WWE Network.

Vince McMahon released a promotional video to announce the card, which will feature a singles match between Triple H and The Undertaker that is being promoted as their final match ever. It will also be their first match since WrestleMania 28 in April 2012.

John Cena, Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle, Big Show, and Shawn Michaels were also mentioned as appearing at the show.

The poster for the events features Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, AJ Styles, Asuka, The Miz, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Alexa Bliss, New Day, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt, and Carmella.

Brock Lesnar is not part of the advertising for the show.

Tickets for the event will go on sale Friday, June 28th.

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I guess you want to announce a big match to help sell out this huge stadium but Taker/Hunter? I won’t argue that Hunter can still go at times but Taker can’t these days and I feel it’ll be a sad showcase when compared to the Mania matches, which everyone will compare it to.

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Aussies either haven’t seen taker live ever or at least for the better part of a decade on Australian shores.

Also with the way that the MCC Members reserver grandstand works it will be interesting to see how this is all played out especially ticker price.

The fact that they get one live event every 12 years, i kinda get why they would but such big stars on the card. The aussie fans don’T get show that often so when they go down there, they have to have big stars on the show and the sad fact is, you don’t have anybody of that magnitude on the current roster. The closest you have right now is Reigns, Bryan, Rollins & Styles and that’s really stretching it because while they are big name, none of them are huge name that everybody knows like Taker and HHH, plus it was either that or do a rematch of the Greatest royal rumble between Cena and HHH so at less, they will give Cena a better opponent on that show and you will get a bigger special attraction out of it.

One live event every 12 years? I’m pretty sure they tour there every year, I’ve just googled it and I know they’ve been there the last Three years at least.

sorry my bad, i didn’t know that they went every year since the only reference i had was the HHH video that they posted for the announcement, plus the fact that they don’t really advertise those show on raw and smackdown makes it hard to find out about it.

Do they have a TV contract coming up there?

We normally have a winter tour of 3 to 6 cities during August, but have only had 2 TV tapping’s. First being the 2002 Global Warning event at the 56,000 seater Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, the second being a 2016 NXT event at the 8,000 seater MCA in Melbourne.

As far I know nether the Pay-TV or the Free-To-Air TV contract are due. But given the partnership with the Nine Network to air 1-Hour editions of Raw & SmackDown was only announced last year they may be pushing for a better timeslot then their current one of 11:00pm Thursday & Friday nights on “GO!” (Part of the Nine Network).

With the 100,024 capacity having 22,000 reserved for the MCC Members who are generally more of a upper class sort of crowd, I’m unsure about how full the Members Stand will be.

That NXT show was a banger. Shin & Joe in a cage if I remember correctly?


“NXT 371” yeah, taped December 2016, the one where the cage didn’t lower for like 5 minuets, a really good night out. I remember some things that didn’t make it onto TV was us chanting at the drifter “You Are A W*****”, “Shut The F*** Up”, and then cheering when he said “I’m leaving here tomorrow and I’m never coming back”. Also a crazy match between “Oney Lorcan vs. Velveteen Dream” where most of the crowd was just chanting for the sake of chanting, then Dream took off his bandanna and whipped Lorcan which got chants of “You Sick F***” to which he looked surprised. IIconnic were in separate matches but both got booed when being announced from Sydney which lead to an Anit-Sydney soccer chant of “F*** off Sydney”. Buddy teamed with Tye and got chants of “Aussie Aussie Aussie! 10 10 10!”, TM61 vs DIY in one of the best matches I’ve seen live! Of the 21 Wrestlers we seen that night 14 have been called up to the Main roster & the 7 remaining wrestlers been on NXT TV since.

What can I say, Aussies, Alcohol, & Wrestling, were a strange bunch.

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I don’t want to play Debbie Downer but Taker/Triple H in 2018 is not exciting at all.

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HHH vs Undertaker. The re-match literally no one was asking for. Legends “never die” because they won’t go away.

Good for the Aussies though. Will be interesting to see if they have a solid build for this, or if it’s just a glorified house show in a stadium like the GRR was.

Expect it to be like the level of Taker-Cena, more just fans going “Oh kool we got to see Taker live” but honestly I’d rather he’d just retired and not keep coming back.

Yes it’s basically a glorified taped house show like GRR, but with women.

I have no problem with them airing a glorified house show - streaming select “major” house shows on the Network is exactly one of the things we all said they should be doing back when it launched in 2014.

As for Triple H/Undertaker, it is what it is. WWE wants to sellout a 100,000 seat stadium and those of us who won’t be attending (and subscribe to the Network) get to watch it at our convenience for no additional charge. Cry me a river.

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I didn’t watch any if the videos, so I don’t know if it was addressed in that, but I didn’t read anywhere that this show was going to he avaliable on the network.

I think I read somewhere that there is a poster that is promoting it for the network.

I’ve seen that poster too but, now that you mention it, I don’t remember the source.

I never once said I had a problem with a gloried house show on the WWE Network. I’m curious if it’ll be an event heavily built on TV with matches that matter or if it won’t be.

As for HHH vs Taker. It’s been done to death, it probably won’t be any good, and I’d rather see a fresh match up with a guy that might actually get something out of it. Heaven forbid I want entertainment out of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Are you from Australia and going to the show? Because if not, what’s the problem? It’s not canon, it doesn’t influence the weekly episodic portion and you can skip it.

I skipped the GRR and wouldn’t have never seen it, if not for the Titus gifs.

I’m expressing my displeasure for a choice the WWE made on a wrestling message board. What’s the problem?