WWE Crown Jewel POST Show (In Support of the Committee to Protect Journalists)

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/11/02/wwe-crown-jewel-post-show-in-support-of-cpj-streaming-today-430pm-et/


John Pollock & Wai Ting present a special live POST Show immediately following WWE Crown Jewel.
Beyond discussing the results of this event, we conducting in-depth interviews about the various issues surrounding WWE's involvement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

For every minute of this broadcast, POST Wrestling will donate $5 towards the Committee to Protect Journalists (https://cpj.org/).


0:00 – Intro
3:29 – Crown Jewel review
34:12Dr. Courtney C. Radsch (CPJ)
58:59 – Crown Jewel review (continued)
1:16:24Brandon Howard Thurston (Wrestlenomics)
1:32:30David Bixenspan (Deadspin)
2:05:00Todd Martin (PWTorch)
2:35:20Nate Milton (Kings of Sport)
2:59:22David Meyers (former White House staff)
3:28:26 Lavie Margolin (author, TrumpMania)

Plus, your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

You can WATCH the unedited archive of our live video stream below.

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Hey guys, will this be posted in audio form as well?


Yes both audio and video versions will be available.

YouTube version up now.


Can we get an audio version of the wrestling discussion only? And maybe the individual interviews so listen separately from the 4 hour extravaganza!!

Time stamps are listed in the post above.


Wrote that before I saw!
Thanks Wai!

I’m very curious to see if WWE will actually dig itself into enough of a whole where the fans will stop supporting it. Its important to remember that we are in year 1 of 10 in this Saudi Arabia deal. That WWE is okay with presenting a publicly known racist as a white meat babyface on their program…and that several weeks of TV devotion will go into promoting Saudia Arabia shows each year.

It would not be a stretch to say that 2.5 months of WWE tv each year is now devoted towards promoting Saudi Arabia.

So far the only responses we’ve seen is some charity streams and a couple people boycotting the PPV itself. Neither of these actions have any real consequence for WWE when you consider this is just one of many network specials they air. Sure people are sending a message of protest…but when that protest comes with absolutely no danger to WWE’s bottom line…I question just how effective its going to be.

I will say that I recognize WWE stocks have taken a hit…and that could genuinely create change…but its too early to determine the cause of this hit. Which is to say we don’t know if this is a response to recent poltical events…or if every show in Saudi Arabia for the next 9 years will have an equal drop in the market even if nothing ‘news worthy’ comes up to spark additional backlash.

I’m curious if there’s going to be a point where any of the major wrestling content creators I follow choose to outright ban WWE content all year around in protest. As a fan of wrestling I wish we’d get more coverage and discussion on NJPW, Lucha Underground and others. But the focus has always been 90% WWE because that’s where the audience and ultimately money comes from.

Awesome Show guys!

Beeing a Journalist myself, i loved the different takes on the subject
and that you went pretty deep into the whole subject. Mor of that please!

Robert from Vienna

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Really great show guys, thanks for this. Loved all the guests, especially the discussion of the wider context. ?Huge respect for both donating all that money, and going so long without sounding tired/bored.


Really liked the show. I would suggest if you plan to have such a long show in the future to split it up in audio form though.
I was watching live so it wasn’t an issue for me - but imagining to listen to this after the fact would be extremely difficult for me. Even with the timestamps provided.

Keep up the good work though :+1:

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Nothing much to add apart from what’s already been said. Thank you so much for taking on such an ambitious project, guys. No form of culture exists in a vacuum, and the people who say “keep politics out of my hobby” are only voluntarily ignoring the degree to which their hobby already has been politically constructed. The wrestling world needs more work like this.


I loved this show guys. One of my favorite shows you guys have done. Thanks for all your effort and hardwork.

Todd Martin is a God! Great Job guys!