WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 sells out on day of general on-sale

Originally published at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 nears total sellout on day of general on-sale

Montreal retained its reputation as a thriving wrestling market as tickets for the 2023 WWE Elimination Chamber quickly sold out.

That is according to wrestling ticket sales monitoring service WrestleTix, which reported that only a few expensive “platinum tier” floor seats remain.

The tickets were snapped up on the day of the general on-sale on Friday, during which combo tickets for the PLE and the previous night’s SmackDown were made available.

Both events will take place at the city’s Bell Centre, with Elimination Chamber scheduled for Saturday, February 18th.

It appears Elimination Chamber at the Centre Bell in Montreal, QC sold out (only the highly priced Official Platinum seats remain) during its general public sale today. More details about this and the Smackdown in this venue coming to https://t.co/yRCOtL75Yu soon. https://t.co/5MtAELsYvZ pic.twitter.com/jba3r0UueN

— WrestleTix (@WrestleTix) December 2, 2022


Elimination Chamber is planned as the final WWE PLE of 2023 before WrestleMania 39 on April 1st and 2nd at California’s SoFi Stadium.

Cant say I’m surprised, chamber matches are usually very good.

Hopefully they stop with the idea of the champion defending the title and instead make the chamber match a number 1 contenders match for the second women’s title (since the other will be decided at the Rumble). Or if they want to do two matches, make the second match a #1 contenders match for the IC or US title which will just help elevate the title. Drew winning and facing Gunther at Mania would be awesome.

I hate the concept of the champion defending in the chamber, especially in February. Winning the Royal Rumble is nice, but you’re creating a scenario where I’d rather be the Rumble winner than the world champion. Champion, especially a heel, should always be in the most advantageous position.

Title matches in the chamber should be reserved for vacant titles.

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I dont think so. It should be Sheamus I think. They did the contrversy of Gunther tapping twice and then never had another match. I think this is the perfect spot for them to have one final match(which it probably wouldnt be since it is WWE) and Sheamus finally gets the last title he needs to be the first man to win everything in WWE.

I can’t argue that the story isnt there, but I’m just so over rematches. I saw that match twice, I dont need to see it a third time in 7 months. Now if Sheamus is actually retiring, fine. If not, I’d much rather see Drew vs Gunther.

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Agreed. I dont like so many performers getting “another shot” at the mania main event right after the Rumble. IMO, it also takes from the Rumble.