WWE Money in the Bank moved from Allegiant Stadium to MGM Grand Garden Arena

Originally published at WWE Money in the Bank moved from Allegiant Stadium to MGM Grand Garden Arena

Venue change for Money in the Bank.

This summer, WWE was scheduled to run three straight Premium Live events in stadiums with the first being Money in the Bank on July 2nd, SummerSlam on July 30th and Clash at the Castle on September 3rd.

The company sent out a memo to those who purchased tickets for Money in the Bank at Allegiant Stadium and informed them that the event has been moved to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada. PWInsider confirmed with WWE that the event venue has been changed and original ticket holders will be offered an exclusive pre-sale to purchase tickets for the MGM Grand Arena show. The Allegiant Stadium tickets will be refunded.

Last year’s Money in the Bank winners were Nikki A.S.H. and Big E. Both talents went on to successfully cash-in for title wins.

Next up on the docket for WWE Premium Live Events is Hell in a Cell on June 5th. As of this writing, here’s the match card for that event:

  • Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins
  • Raw Women’s Championship — Triple-Threat Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch
  • Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel
  • Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley vs. MVP & Omos

Maybe if they weren’t too ambitious booking more and more stadiums. They reap what they sow.


Shades of WrestleMania 7, though they can’t blame this move on bomb threats this time.

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What a disaster. They can talk about profitability all they want but this is how ice cold the product actually is.


Can’t say I’m shocked….while they seem to easily fill stadium shows for the big 3 PPV’s, a B show….even if it’s MITB always seemed a little ambitious. Smart move, I’d rather watch a sold out arena then a half (or less) filled stadium.

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Not sure this means it’s ice cold. AEW doesn’t have the guts to run a stadium show for this very reason. MITB selling 14-16k isn’t ice cold by any means. They were clearly over ambitious here for a B show


In b4 Blackjack Brawl draws more fans than MITB

I guess I’m a little surprised. WWE had seemed to be doing really well with stadium shows, just like most acts that are getting back to touring after the pandemic. By all reports they are drawing their largest crowds in years.

And some of you can call MITB a “b show” but for 10+ years it’s consistently been one of WWE’s best PPV’s of the year. I consider it a way more important show than Survivor Series which hasn’t meant anything for 20 years. To me it’s top four.

I don’t think there is a big 4. It’s a big 3

Royal Rumble

SS has long been turned into a meanginless PPV

MITB was huge for the Punk vs Cena show. But outside of that no one has cared for years. Didn’t Otis and Nikki ASH win this? And look at them now lol

So yea. For one match it meant a lot. But both those guys are long gone.

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I agree with most of this, its definitely a bigger show then Survivor Series. I just think that outside of Mania, Rumble, and SummerSlam, you’re going to have a hard time filling a stadium in the US. If any PPV was going to do it though, it would be MITB. Another issue could be that there is no obvious big match. I’m sure if they set up something like Roman vs Cody now, that could change things. Sadly, I think WWE has lost some trust in their fans, and many are probably uncertain if its just going to be re-matches and the MITB matches.

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Nah, 16,000 for a stadium show is an embarrassment and proof the actual product is not hot. They can sell their “content” to networks and Saudi Arabia but the actual fans willing to pay money to watch WWE is surprisingly low.

They’ve trained fans for years to believe monthly “premium live events” are only worth $9.99 and have difficulty building up to big matches outside of Mania season.

Most importantly I think it shows they have built Reigns to be almost too good and he has zero serious challengers. He’s all they have - everyone else was cast aside to make him. And who knows how much longer he will even be around - but hey it only took like eight years to make him.

Its true, MITB is not an event that is star making, its an event that has two great matches, which leads to a mid carder getting a short lived main event run (ie. Nikki, Big E, Dolph, Carmella, Otis etc.) Or, someone who is already a star (ie. Lesnar) win it and be in the same place they were before.

yes totally agree it’s embarrassing.

I would venture to guess this is part of the reason AEW does not run stadiums. They arent confident they can sell it out and they don’t want to be embarrassed. Probably waiting for London or Toronto.

That being said I don’t think you can directly correlate this to the product being cold. You can correlate them over estimating the interest in watching this pay-per-view live and I would totally agree with that. But, they just drew two large houses for WM.

I think a lot of it is just ticket prices. The WWE take a different approach to tickets and price super high and then reduce the price later. I know there are some people that will pay anything for premium seats so they want to capitalize on that.

With Cody coming in theatres definite renewed interest in the product.

Trying to sell inflated money in the bank tickets to a stadium crowd was a bad idea. However, I’m sure there are other legit stadium shows will be reasonable and wrestlemania just two months ago prove that they aren’t as cold as they once were.

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Very much think that Mania is the exception that proves the rule.

You’re absolutely correct on pricing, as evidenced by the relatively slow sales for the ppv in Wales.

I also think there has been a clear shift that the international fanbase who used to travel to Mania weekend’s is clearly moving towards traveling for AEW shows in the US instead.

This DoN weekend is the first one that seems to have a bunch of other shows attached to it in Vegas (Full Tilt Weekend - FSW Announces Collaborations With GCW, BLP & Wrestling REVOLVER For Vegas Shows - PWPonderings).

I also think we are way closer to an AEW stadium show than anybody realizes. I say it happens within the next 12 months.

I think Wrestlemania will always draw domestically. But I do think the travel that was happening pre-pandemic for a decade or so, is likely, on the scale it happened in the past, coming to an end.

While a lot of people point to high ticket prices for Clash at the Castle, I think they were counting on those European fans spending the same as they would have on a Mania trip.

I agree they could do it in Toronto or London for sure. Would sell 30k+

One of the issues for them is

  1. No top tier A show like WM. All the shows seem the same. I guess ALL OUT would be closer but nothing has been positioned as the big show of the year

  2. Running the same market (ie Chicago) so many times in a row burning out the fan base there for a big show

  3. Insistence on the same cities for every big show

I agree with you more people travel to these shows

Personally they need to do away with number 3 and not tie shows to markets. Don’t bring Dynamite to Toronto because you want to do a JCP tradition. That’s stupid. Bring a big PPV


Vegas in the Summer is not exactly an ideal location. Changing the city would have helped since they just ran SummerSlam there last year. I’m curious whether this was a WWE decision or Venue decision. Any word on that?

I think that’s a huge factor - they drove away so many of the hardcores that traveled for events.

I’m here in Vegas for DON and with the amount of wrestling t-shirts and vibe on the strip it doesn’t feel that far off from Mania (I was also at Mania 36).

And yeah ticket prices for WWE shows are completely ridiculous and have gone up so much the past few years.

I think people watch WWE as proven by the viewership numbers but not that many want to pay much for shows anymore. The die hard fans have mostly moved on

When you travel to a WM you realize most of the hardcore fans are from the UK. They are the ones in the front row dropping 10k+ on these trips and having bbq and tailgate parties. I just cannot overstate how mig the UK contingent is for WM. I wonder if they have stopped travelling as much


Or maybe WWE announced a stadium show there after this one. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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