WWE & my conscience

I Finding it harder and harder to support the WWE without my conscience creeping in. I won’t say I defended them with Saudi Arabia, but I was one of those people who thought well so many other American companies do business with the Saudi‘s so why should WWE get all of the heat? I had to stop watching after the first RAW without a crowd. Just the thought of these people having to leave their families during a pandemic didn’t sit right with me. I had every intention of coming back, however after these cuts and the reasoning for them, having a real crisis of conscience. Brandon from NJ said it best yesterday on the café, you have some of these people leave their families to travel to do your show and then you fire them days later?

Important to say I don’t begrudge anybody who likes or follows the company.

I just want to get peoples thoughts on this. Am I overreacting? Am I missing the big picture? Am I flat out wrong? What are your thoughts?

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There’s a lot wrong with the company.

It’s crazy to think that this is probably the cleaned up version. Imagine how disgusting they must have been in the 80s.

I’ve stopped giving them my money and time. The fact that most of what they put out there is pure torture to watch (IMO) does make it easier.

But I’m 100% sure I still buy products from other awful companies.

It feels funny to target the WWE but I guess I have to start somewhere.


Amazon are next on my list. Pay next to f@@k all in tax in the UK, don’t have to pay business rates and treat their workers terribly. How can small high street retailers complete when the game is rigged from the outset?

Yeah, I’m done with them. I wasn’t following too closely to begin with, tbh. You could gloss over the Khashoggi murder by saying they still had to honour a contract. You could be disappointed in their hoarding of talent, and how they treated them, saying it made some business sense. But to openly and brazenly bribe the GOP so you can run shows, how can anyone defend that?
Then you fire people to save your projected profit/earnings for the quarter? In the middle of a global pandemic? Fuck this company


I tried one episode of dynamite. I’ve basically checked out. Couldn’t enjoy it

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Considering how in the last just few years they (re)teach me (HARD) how nothing that happens in the ring matters, I totally stopped paying attention to their matches, especially the TV ones. They’ve never been consistent with their storylines, but I still was kinda entertained to watch some of the stuff with guys I like (d)evolve.

When you have a wrestler I’ve been a big fan of for 10+ years in KO and he is in a program with one of the top guys in your company and I skip everything cause the said guy is so obnoxious on screen AND in real life person, that I just can’t force myself to watch, I’d say there’s cause for concern.

Than you constantly do all this corporate business wise SHIT in the meantime - it’s time to go.

I’m sorry, I loved you.

I’ll continue to watch whatever they do, because even at its worst, I’ll take wrestling over whatever else I could be doing at the time. There are plenty of other shows I could put on in place, but there is always at least something that I can get entertainment out of. Something that gives me a laugh or something that takes me out of whatever is going on in the world at the time.

They have grown men and women working there. These men and women can make their own decisions in life. Whether the WWE gets in business with Saudi Arabia or works during a pandemic, these performers can choose whether they want to work or not(as some have done.) Sure, there are lower card talents who unfortunately may have to worry about their spot when they come back, which sucks, but then it comes down to what matters most to you. If your spot or your job means more to you, than your thoughts on WWE doing business with the Saudis, or your spot or job means more to you than your health, then what right do I have to sit here complaining?