WWE Network App in Canada

I wanted to share my Summerslam viewing experience, so I managed to get it streaming on a laptop using Chrome on a machine that I have never streamed WWE from. There must be something with the cookies / temporary internet files that are in our browser history (pre-network update) that is screwing something up and causing the video stream to hang.

I manage to get it cast to my TV but the sound is like 10 seconds out of sync and lagging behind the audio. So I had to mute my sound system and stream it on my phone and sync up the audio with the video on my television. With the stream on my mobile phone stalling at least once every 2 matches I had to re-sync it each time.

All because I wanted to see The Fiend…skipped out on the Main Event because of how tired I was of jumping through hoops to compensate for a terrible app with glaring technical bugs that I am paying like $20 a month for?

Soundthing to laugh at so we can flip this around.

It seems to me that WWE is not interested in changing the current situation of the app and or the Chromecast issues.
I have tried twice now to get any information on resolving these issues from WWE chat support. They will not acknowledge that anyone is currently or plans to fix these issues. Would anyone have the ability to coordinate something, where we could as a group get there attention.
My only thought currently would be a petition but, the how is beyond me. Maybe im overreacting but I just would like a resolution.