WWE Network Random Match Watch

Day 12

The Iron Sheik vs Roddy Piper

Saturday Nights Main Event

October 4 1986

Two of the WWE HOF class of 2005 in action.

This was meant to be Sheik vs Morales(who was a replacement for the injured Piper) but Roddy came hobbling down & threatened Morales with his crutch.

Sheik targeted Pipers knee and Piper rolled him up for a very quick pin.

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Still checking in daily for this thread in case you were wondering

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Day 13

Rick Martel vs Mr Perfect

Primetime Wrestling

February 6 1989

This is a match I’m looking forward too, this is pre singlet Mr Perfect and it’s weeks before Martel turns on Tito Santana at Wrestlemania V.

The commentators are Sean Mooney & Alfred Hayes who use Mr Perfects real name of Curt Hennig at times and also talk about his perfect record.

Rick Martel works s very babyface style early in the match before we are interrupted by an advert break and when we come back Perfect gets in control of the match before Ricks babyface comeback and the bell goes for a time limit draw.

The match only seemed to go about five minutes so I would have like to have seen an extra ten minutes out of them, fine match though.

Day 14

Brock Lesner vs Booker T


June 17 2002

This is s Quarter Final for the KOTR, the nWo come to ringside as Nash & Michaels are on commentary.

Brock starts the match dominating Booker as Nash & Shawn do poor impressions of JR on commentary.

During the match Goldust comes down and ends up shoving Heyman down as Booker takes control and hits the scissor kick on Brock, X-PAC & Big Show distract Booker for Lesnsr to give him an F5, after the match the nWO destroy Booker & Goldust.

Was 2 weeks your limit? Or you away?

It will return either tomorrow or Monday, I had far too much Wrestling to watch this past week.


Day 15

Brodus Clay vs The Big Show


May 28 2012

I’m back after a Wrestlemania week hiatus and oh what a classic I have.

This is the main event of Raw and it’s 8 days after Big Show turned heel for the 873rd time when he turned on John Cena at Over The Limit & joined up with John Laurinaitis.

Brodus is currently undefeated, Show comes out and called Brodus an embarrassment and compares him to Doink.

Show spears Clay in the aisles and destroys him, ramming him into the ring post & attacking him with parts of the announce table before hitting him with the knockout punch. Kofi Kingston comes down to help but he gets thrown into the barricade.

The good news for Brodus is the match never started so he stayed undefeated.

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Day 16

The New Age Outlaws vs The APA

The Royal Rumble

January 23 2000

The Outlaws are the tag team champions and are also heels and at this point feel past their sell by date, the tag titles would obviously get much more attention later in the year.

The match is thankfully really short and feels very rushed(I’m getting time for cut off it) Bradshaw turning Billy Gunn inside out with a clothesline from hell is the highlight, X-Pac comes in and hits JBL with a spin kick allowing Billy to hit a fameasser for the win.

Is this the match where they broke the ring ropes?

No it’s isn’t that match.

Day 17

Carmella vs Peyton Royce


September 9 2015

I can’t say I’m looking forward to this match too much but this is pretty newsworthy with the Iconics helping Mella win her first title last week.

This is Royce’s debut and both girls look pretty green(Peyton looks the most experienced) and are both playing babyfaces, both girls dominate the match with long chin locks before Royce gets a near fall, Carmella turns it round with a downward spiral followed by the code of silence for the tap out victory.

Day 18

Rockabilly vs Jesse James


April 21 1997

I’m going to try and keep up with this regularly again(I can’t promise it will be every day)

We restart with the future New Age Outlaws, Jesse sings With My Baby Tonight on the way to the ring and Rockabilly is accompanied by The Honky Tonk Man, this the night where Austin faced Bret earlier in the night in a street fight, and that pretty much dominated the commentary.

This is a pretty boring match of which Billy is in control for the most part including some terrible slow offence, the future Road Dogg finally takes control with a lousy body cross and after a minute or so of offence Billy turns it around and hits the Shake, Rattle and roll for the clean win.

Babyface James then attacks Gunn after the match before Honky attack’s him with his guitar.

Day 19

Triple H vs The Spirit Squad


June 12 2006

This is the night after One Night Stand where RVD beat Cena for the WWE Championship, before the match we see The Spirit Squad putting Shawn Michaels out of action three weeks previously.

This is a gauntlet match, before the match Vince instructs the referee out of the ring and then introduces Mike who Hunter destroy so Vince then sends out Kenny and they get a two on one advantage, Helmsley manages to turn it around so Johnny & Nicky gets sent out.

The Game tries to fight off all four guys but is overpowered and gets thrown into the steps as McMahon insults Hunter on the mic. The four of them choke Hunter with a cord before getting him back in the ring and hitting their finishing move on him and Kenny puts a chair round his knee and Vince instructs them to put it around his neck.

Mitch is then called out by Vince but is slung to the stage from backstage, Shawn Michaels then walks out and gives Mitch some sweet chin music before running down to the ring to help Haitch.

Another sweet chin music as well as a pedigree is hit and we see the 2006 DX reunion.

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Day 20

Rick Rude vs Koko B. Ware

Saturday Nights Main Event

April 30 1988

This is shortly after Wrestlemania IV, Rude is accompanied to the ring by Bobby Heenan as he gives his normal speech and Koko brings Frankie out with him.

This match is only a few minutes long but Koko gets a little offence including a very good standing dropkick before Rick takes over and ends up getting the clean win with the Rude Awakeining.

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Day 21

Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero

NWA World pChampionship Wrestling

May 20 1989

This on paper looks like a dream match, Eddie a step above an enhancement wrestler(and he look at this time doesn’t help him) at the time while Funk is a mega heel currently in the midst of his legendary feud with Ric Flair.

Guerreo doesn’t get much offence in and the match is largely controlled by Funk.

After a few minutes of action Terry slings Guerrero over the top rope but avoids disqualification which Jim Ross mentions on commentary.

Whilst outside Eddie gets a bit of momentum with a cross body block of the top rope before Funk retakes control and hits him with a piledriver on the outside and rolling him in the ring and Funk gets the pin fall victory.

Day 22

Grandmaster Sexay, Steve Blackman & Trish Stratus vs The Right To Censor(Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather & Ivory)


May 24 2001

This is the night of TLC III when Benoit & Jericho retained the belts.

RTC are not long of finishing their run here after they kicked Steven Richards out of the group and Scotty 2 Hotty is our injures so Blackman is temporally replacing him.

Despite the exchanges between Trish & Ivorybeibg poor this is a fine television six person tag, RTC control Christopher for most of the match before the hot tag to Blackman.

Bull has Blackman pinned but Sexay hits him with the HipHop Drop while the ref is distracted
by a brawl between Ivory and Trish and Blackman gets the pin.

The babyfaces do the Too Cool dance after the match.

Day 23

Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs Charlotte & Natalya


January 15 2015

Becky and Sasha are known as Team Bae and are the heels in this match, Charlotte is the NXT Champion. The commentary team is Renee Young, Alex Riley & Rich Brennan.

Pretty decent short TV match, a change from the normal is that the babyfaces dominate Becky for most of the match before Sasha takes over on Natalya for a short time before she gets the hot tag to Charlotte.

Banks eventually gets the clean win on Charlotte with a neckbreaker.