WWE RAW Feedback?

I do not know where Raw feedback thread is anymore. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Sonya Deville lost a loser leaves WWE match with Mandy. Now she is angling to be top authority figure of WWE. It makes no sense. She is now being adversarial with much of the talent.

Charlotte “manhandles” referee, suspended by Pierce. Comes back the next week. Apologizes but demands an apology also? Terrible.

I thought Charlotte heel turn would work. Not anymore.

  1. The Nia falling and slipping stuff - Just plain stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. Falling hard on apron, falling off apron and now slipping on water. This is taking a beast of the women’s division and destroying that over the last month.

  2. Damien Priest had an amazing first month. In month number 2, throwing rotten tomatoes with the New Day. Goodbye push.

  3. New Day are beyond annoying. I wish real crowd were there. I think we would get more boos than cheers. I cannot stand Xavier Woods yelling. There is no way they are worthy 11 time Tag Champs. I like Kofi and feel bad he is stuck in a tag team. At least Big E got out. They need to disband.

I am finding this on the brink of unwatchable. I watch because I hate missing good storylines. Where are they?


I usually post the feedback thread sometime towards the end of the show. It’s a perk we give to our patrons so I leave the thread in a Feedback subforum that requires Patreon to access.

Thanks for clarifying Wai, makes sense now.

Hi wai I am a Patreon but I also never see the show feedback threads. How do I find this near the end of the show?

DM’d you. Let’s figure it out.