WWE Raw notes: Humberto Carrillo's landing, Jinder Mahal returns, Orton/Riddle

Originally published at WWE Raw notes: Humberto Carrillo's landing, Jinder Mahal returns, Orton

Humberto Carrillo went one-on-one with WWE United States Champion Sheamus on Raw. There was a spot when Humberto went for a sunset flip to the outside and Sheamus landed directly on Carrillo’s hip. The match was called and ruled a no-contest.

Oof, yikes and holy shit, and they replayed this Sunset Flip Powerbomb by Humberto Carrillo on Sheamus multiple times… brought to you by Army of the Dead pic.twitter.com/tDLNQRrBu5

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Jinder Mahal made his return to Monday Night Raw. Mahal was flanked by Veer and Shanky who were a part of the WWE Superstar Spectacle show in January. Veer is formerly known as “Rinku” of Indus Sher. He and Saurav were a tandem in NXT and had a brief on-screen partnership with Malcolm Bivens. Mahal scored a victory over Jeff Hardy in his return.

After Jeff’s loss, Matt Hardy posted the following:



Prior to his match with Humberto Carrillo, Sheamus had a promo segment and he mentioned that Raw commentator Adnan Virk is out of his depth in his current position.

"Even that fellow there Virk or whatever his name is who is out of his depth on commentary, they'd even give him a shot at the United States Championship." – Sheamus pic.twitter.com/V63QIRc3jJ

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Randy Orton, Riddle and New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Jaxson Ryker, Elias and Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos. Post-match, Orton RKO’d Kingston and Woods but did not hit the move on Riddle who he has been teaming with for the past several weeks.