WWE Raw viewership stays flat against cable news coverage

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/06/02/wwe-raw-viewership-stays-flat-against-cable-news-coverage/

Photo courtesy: WWE

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw maintained its audience from last week, although cable programming was dominated by news coverage of the U.S. protests.

Raw averaged 1,728,000 viewers over the three hours, virtually identical to last week’s figure of 1,735,000.

The show opened with 1,810,000 viewers, which is in line with the prior two weeks when it comes to the first hour. It was consistent in the second hour with 1,803,000 viewers and dropped 13% in the last hour to 1,571,000 viewers.

The third hour ranks as the second-least watched hour in the history of Raw.

Due to the news coverage of the protests in Washington and across the country, Raw fell to 12th, 13th, and 17th among cable programming Monday night. The show averaged a 0.49 in the 18-49 demographic, down 4% from last week. The main demo dropped 19% throughout the show.

In the key demos, Raw had a major increase with females 12-34 growing 23.5% this week and women 18-49 up 9%. The largest loss was among males 12-34 dropping 12.5% and males 18-49 decreasing by 8.5%.

There were major losses from the first hour to the third. Although the female demos were up overall, in the third hour 12-34s fell 22% and 18-49s dropped 21% while adults 18-34 were down 22.5%. The audience that held up in the third hour was adults over 50 only dropping 6%.

Raw was advertised around the Rey Mysterio Retirement Ceremony and a Champion vs. Champion match between Asuka and Charlotte Flair.

Here is a breakdown of the key demos:

ADULTS 18-49
This week: 0.49 (-4%)
Hour 1-3: -19%

This week: 0.35 (+9%)
Hour 1-3: -21%

MALES 18-49
This week: 0.64 (-8.5%)
Hour 1-3: -20%

ADULTS 18-34
This week: 0.28 (Even)
Hour 1-3: -22.5%

This week: 0.21 (+23.5%)
Hour 1-3: -22%

MALES 12-34
This week: 0.35 (-12.5%)
Hour 1-3: -13.5%

ADULTS 25-54

This week: 0.61 (Even)
Hour 1-3: -21%

This week: 0.84 (+2%)
Hour 1-3: -6%