WWE releases....

I hate the term or idea that somebody “fumbled” a talent. But yes, absolutely. The fact that they literally had the talent whom “Million Dollar Arm” was based upon - and we constantly heard how BADLY they wanted to have a break out star for India - they completely fumbled Rinku Singh.

So, I get the Vince hate, but why is he singled out here? They had time to do something with him in this stupid “new era” and still didnt.

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I think WWE definitely could have done more with Veer, but at the same time he was never a guy I saw that much from in the ring or personality wise. He was slow and boring and couldnt really cut a great promo from what I saw on the main roster (didnt watch him in NXT). Maybe that was by design, but sometimes a guy just doesn’t have it. Now if he goes to AEW and becomes a star, Ill eat my words.

They signed him in 2018, repackaged him (kinda) a bunch of times, including the “Veer Mahan is coming” vignettes for a legit six months or so. How much time was the “new era” supposed to spend on a five-year job guy who isn’t all that good in the ring (which is also WWE’s fault, at least in part)?

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They didnt try with him at all. Vince may have given him the “brown guy to stand next to the other brown guy” gimmick, but nothing was done to try anything different in the new era. I’m not saying they should have, because I would have personally released him a long time ago, but this isnt just on Vince.

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I’m fairness to, Vince kind of gave him the Goldberg push. He was squashing guys left and right including Rey for that first 6 months. He just lacked something, maybe it was character, but he just didn’t connect.

He was doing a stereotypical South Asian tribal brute character. It was so antiquated that I can’t really fault him for not thriving with that character.

Somehow it’s widely accepted that actors need a backbone of good writing and that casting is what largely drives the verisimilitude of performances on screen. But with wresting, somehow our standards are more lofty for character work.



The guy in real life, was a major league baseball player. He’s a professional athlete. I feel there is something to mine there.

Give Jeff Jarrett a shot at managing “One in a Billion” Satnam Singh, and the “Million Dollar Arm” Rinku Singh, as a mid-card tag act. Could be fun.


I never said it was a good character, I said he was given a Goldberg push which he was. If you want to debate the the lack of depth in his character, that’s a different discussion and quite frankly one that I’m not even disputing.

Comparing acting to wrestling is fair to a degree, especially if we are talking about character work, but in ring is where it changes things as that is where IMO he fell flat, and in acting there isn’t a good comparison. In ring he was boring and despite being given win after win in dominate fashion, he never caught on at all.

Compare him to say Ivar, he has been given a stereotypical “barbarian” gimmick, but fans have actually latched on to him because he is good in ring, not because his character is any better.

Also, to add some context as I feel maybe the context of my comment was missed. I was adding to @Rated_R_Poster’s point in that Vince wasnt the only person to blame in his misuse and was adding to that by saying that Vince pushed him more (ie. Goldberg push), then Hunter did. I was not making the point that Vince used him well.

I know you don’t watch WWE as you are very vocal about that, have you even ever seen the guy wrestle a match? You saying him and Singh being a fun team makes me think the answer is no. He threw a good closeline, but that was it.

Satnam doesn’t even throw a good clothesline.

I’m saying the potential characters of a former NBA player and MLB player, both from India, presented as crossover athletes, has potential. Purely from a character standpoint.

Satnam has done very well in limited spots. Not sure why they couldn’t do the same for both.

I’m talking about Veer.

Yes I get your point and I agree that they should have gone with that, but I dont think they missed out on a future star or anything.


An incredibly talented individual, who I have no doubt will hit the ground running in 90 days.

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They totally screwed up with Grimes. Very talented and never really got a shot at all on the main roster

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An insanely talented individual. Again, the guy won’t be unemployed for long.

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They never let Grimes cook on the main roster. Talented wrestler and great on the mic. His gimmick would have worked either face or heel, but again the never let him cook.

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He said some very pro WWE things in the past. While he may land on one of the smaller promotions, I’m not sure Tony will look the other way on some of his comments.


He was working kind of recently, makes me wonder if he was as planned as the rest. Maybe this has changed recently and I didn’t notice, but usually the releases have been on the bench for a bit, to make sure they don’t get injured while under WWE’s watch.

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