WWE releases....

Looks like despite record profits, they gotta max those returns for investors…

Hopefully not anybody else, but some of those post-Mania release groups were pretty big…

Jinder’s tough. I think that match with Rollins was his last chance, and he didn’t live up to it.

Xia Li I think has potential, and I could see AEW pick her up. Xia is an example of a wrestler who hasn’t been too established in WWE, and you could end up turning her into a more homegrown AEW wrestler.

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You wish it wasn’t the way of the world, but hard to argue with any of these. I thought Veer could’ve at least been a good heater if they could start over without the fans already knowing he was a jobber who has been repackaged (and not with much effort) a dozen or so times.

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Xia had more potential if they used her better

I do agree, though IMO the issue with her was that her gimmick was a bit cartoony for lack of a better term and while I likes some of the stuff she did, she just never seemed to click with the audience. Even her feud with Becky, something just didn’t click.

Like I said in the AEW thread, its always sad anybody anyone looses their job.

I can’t say any of these names surprise me, as they clearly didn’t have any plans for any of these talents, and nobody on this list really connected with the fans that well.

I’m curious if this is it, or if more are coming. If more are coming, I feel bad for people like Apollo Crews, Dexter Lumis, Odyssey Jones, Cameron Grimes etc. as they were all kind of in the same boat.

TK was right - Jinder’s poor win-loss record hindered him.

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I’ve never really bought the notion that cuts are truly budget related (disregard 2020), and I’ve always thought they are because they felt that talent was no longer in their plans and they want to cycle new talent in (which unfortunately means old talent needs to go out).

Woof… WWE PR working overtime in the “new era”.


Hopefully it’s true, can’t say it’s a surprise that there may be more care when Vince is not involved as he didn’t exactly strike me as an empathetic person.

If you say anything other than budget related, you can be construed as burying somebody on their way out – both in the wrestling sense and the legal sense. It’s no different than any other business, except that 99 percent of businesses don’t have to make public statements when they make staff cuts.

Even still, “budget related” kind of implies “burial” in a business where a wrestler is viewed as either a money maker or not, it just can’t be proven legally.

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It’s almost best to say nothing, fans will find a way to criticize any verbiage that’s put out regardless of the company making the releases.

Personally I’d rather these companies just wait until the contracts expire, but sadly the big two just dont do that.

These talents just couldn’t handle THE GRIND


Night after night of not bumping can really wear a man down. And sometimes catering runs out of the good salad dressing.

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None of them had done anything of significance on TV recently. So it makes sense to release them.

Just because you’re making profits, doesn’t mean you need to keep people employed who are perceived to not be contributing.

Vince had a guy under contract whose story is an actual Disney movie. And the only thing he could see was “brown guy to stand next to other brown guys.”

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