WWE SUMMERSLAM 2018 prediction

So my prediction for this Sunday’s Summerslam is that Kevin Owens will beat Braun Strowman for the money in the bank briefcase Brock Lesnar beats Roman Reigns in the main event, afterwards Paul Heyman pepper sprays Brock, Kevin Owens cashes in and becomes the new universal champion and unveiled as Paul Heyman’ new client probably won’t happen but what are people’s prediction for the main event…

  • Roman Reign’s leave as universal champion

  • Brock Lesnar retains

  • Braun Strowman cashes in

  • Kevin Owens beats Braun Strowman & cashes in

Who will be the WWE Universal Champion when Summerslam goes off the air?

  • Brock Lesnar
  • Roman Reigns
  • Braun Strowman
  • Kevin Owens

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Tough call, as you can see the logic in all of them. And not just in the usual “there’s always the possibility of a cash-in” logic… oddly enough, I think the least likely option is Brock, though not enough to complete rule him out.

My prediction…no matter what the ending is, people will complain.

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Except for the Double Secret Ending where Daniel Bryan ends up beating CM Punk for the title and then they both join the Bullet Club. And also, one of the Quebecers is there for some reason.

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Since everybody is expecting some sort of swerve or cash in at summerslam, I feel like WWE won’t do anything and reigns will be the champion at the end of the night.

I also feel like they will do some sort of angle to explain why lesnar isn’t on wwe anymore.

So what I would do is pretty much have a really short match, kinda like they did with Goldberg and lesnar at survivor series. Lesnar start the match quick but miss reigns who caught him with the superman punch then hit the spear but lesnar gets up, so reigns hit him again with the spear and lesnar barely gets up, so reigns hit a third spear, lesnar stay down and reigns pins him for the championship. The crowd is stun that reigns destroy lesnar.

After the match lesnar gets up and just goes berserk on reigns, he beat him up only for Rollins and Ambrose to come in and save reigns. They beat up lesnar and do the shield triple power bomb on the announce table and we leave the show with the shield standing tall.

Also if Rollins wins the ic title earlier that night, you could start the slow burn on the Ambrose heel turn.

Expecting a swerve is so predictable now, the bigger swerve would be Reigns winning clean and Brock fucking off.

Bumping this to the top, scroll up a few posts to vote in Universal Title poll.

My prediction is for the Bliss-Rousey match. I think Rousey will win, but it will be via a disqualification so she won’t receive the title. Shayna Baszler will interfere, thereby starting a feud with Rhonda. Now that Kari has beaten Shayna for the NXT Women’s Title, she can be moved up to the Raw roster for a storyline.

Ronda went to NXT to support Baszler…makes no sense to attack her.

I think it would be way too soon to go to Rousey/Baszler. Ronda’s story right now if proving herself as a professional wrestler. It would be counterproductive to put her in an MMA feud.

(Not saying that they won’t do it tonight or sometime soon, just my opinion as far as whether they should.)

Will Daniel Cormier be at the Barclays Center tonight?

  • Yes
  • No

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What I really want more than anything…

Owens wins the MITB after they fight to the backstage area, the camera gets to the back and we see Strowman laid out, but its made clear it wasnt from Owens. Owens makes it back to the ring and wins by Countout.

Later in the night Lesnar defeats Reigns and when Heyman hands Lesnar the title, he pepper sprays Lesnar. All of a sudden the Undisputed Era theme hits and they all run out and beat the living shit out of Brock…this is followed by Kevin Owens music hitting, who comes out and cashes in the MITB and wins the title. Heyman & Owens both join Undisputed Era.

I know its far fetched and wont ever happen, but its what I want so bad.

Brock could beat the fuck out of the Undisputed Era with one arm…be real.

“be real” :joy:

Oh yeah. …I’m in a forum where people defend men simulating beating women and get angry over words…my bad.

Let’s watch something that’ll look like a bunch of kids play fighting with their dad. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Yeah dude, that’s professional wrestling.

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LOL and yet people online take scripted promos as shoots. :joy:

rasslin is only fake until it offends you :roll_eyes:

Brock Lesnar also could have destroyed CM Punk & Seth Rollins with one arm…until they want to start portraying guys, the way they should be, I wont be adjusting my expectations anytime soon.

Seth Rollins was getting destroyed during his match and Punk is a mark. Ofcourse he got that much offense in.