WWE's guidelines for fans participating on upcoming shows

Originally published at WWE's guidelines for fans participating on upcoming shows

Fans signing up to be part of the virtual audience for WWE’s upcoming events have been sent guidelines of what is expected of them if they are part of the broadcasts.

The following was sent to one of our readers, who registered to be part of the virtual fanbase for this Friday’s episode of SmackDown. An e-mail containing a link will be sent out the day of the show and seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis until they are full.

Below are the guidelines that were included in the e-mail:

All registered fans are further selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure you are camera ready. Remember, you will be appearing on a live show. We reserve the right to remove you from the live stream at any time, for any reason. The audience will be refreshed throughout the night and you may not be included in the entire broadcast. In addition, we may remove you from the live stream for any inappropriate conduct or technical issues. Watch the show through the stream on your device. Position yourself in front of your camera from your midsection up, leaving a little room above your head. Make sure you have good lighting. Only one fan permitted per seat. Your attire must be appropriate and must remain on at all times. Officially licensed WWE clothing is preferred, if available. We reserve the right to terminate your participation at our sole discretion if your attire contains any immoral graphics, images or text, any political statements, slogans, logos, graphics or other commercial identification of third-parties other than the WWE, its athletes and sponsors.

WWE’s experiment of utilizing a virtual fanbase begins this Friday on SmackDown as part of its WWE ThunderDome production structure from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The venue will be used for episodes of SmackDown, Monday Night Raw, and pay-per-views moving forward for at least the next two months.


This will be a mess. People are going to goof hard cause wwe will never be able to catch everything in time.

attire must remain on at all times? so they dont want you to remove your mask I guess we have an improvement!

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You are only allowed to chant “this is awesome” and “this is sick”.

Shit show at the fuck factory

I believe the NBA fans on their video boards have the exact same requirements and I haven’t seen anything yet that’s gone viral from a fan behaving inappropriately.

That’s not to say it won’t happen, but I doubt it’ll be as bad as some are predicting. More than likely it’s just fans sitting in chairs with Cena shirts on and blank stares watching boring episodes of raw.

I think wrestling tends to have more idiotic fans, so I can see something happening.


This will not end well

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Why? It would be much more fun if everyone watched these shows nekkid.

Ask for the Credit card details at the beginning of the process for successful applicants. 20 dollars deposit.
No issues - 20 back and say 5 dollars for WWE Shop.
Issue-100 to 250 dollars from your card + and report to police if necessary. This all in the written detail for when you are selected etc
Simples :slight_smile:

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Did anyone see that someone showed footage of a beheading and KKK propaganda on Raw?

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That was fucking sick.

EDIT: Ultimately, it’s a catch-22. You can actively promote live participation all you like, but you ultimately need to restrict something.

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