Xyon Quinn received standing ovation after segment on 11/2 WWE NXT 2.0

Originally published at Xyon Quinn received standing ovation after segment on WWE NXT 2.0

Xyon Quinn discusses his latest TV segment.

During last week’s edition of NXT 2.0, before Xyon Quinn and Robert Stone went one-on-one, the two had a dance-off and sing-off. Stone sung the recently released Franky Monet’s NXT theme and Xyon sung Shawn Michaels’ theme before he beat Stone in their match.

Sporting News caught up with Xyon and the segment was a topic of discussion. He said he received a bit of standing ovation when he went behind the curtain and added that Shawn Michaels was pleased with his performance.

I got a bit of a standing ovation when I came back through the curtain, so that was pretty cool. It was a group effort, we all came together and had a meeting about it and talked about it. It’s trying to ignite that spark and bring something different to the table. I feel like things have been repetitive a bit lately, so I’ve been trying to bring in my own thing and do whatever I can come up with. That was a bit interesting, Shawn Michaels was happy with it. He said he forgot how good his song was, so it was pretty cool to hear that from a legend such as himself.

Prior to the ‘Xyon Quinn’ name, he went by his birth name which is ‘Daniel Vidot’. He came up with the name he’s currently using and explained the process behind putting together the name for his current character.

I actually came up with the name myself. I wanted to come up with a name with the four least-used letters in the alphabet. There was Z, X and Q and they are all in it and I thought what could I come up with? Xyon has never been spelt with an X or a Y, so it was pretty unique and that came into play. I’m a big fan of Harley Quinn and my personality is a bit more like her than The Joker, and I always liked that. That’s how we came up with the idea of Xyon Quinn and that’s how it was born. Some people didn’t understand at the start what it was, but now it is definitely getting a name so I’m pretty happy. To be honest, I have just been finding myself as the character of Xyon Quinn and who Xyon Quinn is. I’m still a bit mysterious, so it’s really cool the way we are doing things layer by layer, where people don’t expect this – it’s to keep people guessing. I’m having fun – I got to be me and show a bit more of my side and what I love to do. Everyone had fun and that’s just how it goes sometimes, you get put on the spot and you either deliver or you don’t.

Tonight’s episode of NXT 2.0 will be covered here on the POST Wrestling site. The upNXT crew is going to be reviewing the show after it goes off the air on USA Network.