Your plans for All In and All Out

The biggest day in AEW history is almost upon us…

So what’s the verdict?

Ordering All In and All Out? Or just one or none? Or waiting on All Out to be fleshed out? Or attending in person?

Personally, I think I have to pass on All In - although I am and really sold on the card. It’s simply has to do with the timing of the event. With work, wife, and two kids I can’t devote 12 to 5 on Sunday watching this.

My normal pay-per-view viewing is to order an event and start watching it halfway through around 9 to 930 when the kids are down. If I try and do that for this, it will almost certainly be spoiled for me so I think reluctantly, I’ll have to pass.

As for All Out, I will need to wait on the card. I assume the main event is some combination of MJF, Adam Cole, or punk, and possibly tag match with FTR. We’ll see what jumps out at me when card is fleshed out

Ordered both. Won’t be watching All In live though. Can’t ditch wife and kids for the whole afternoon (especially after being quarantined in the basement for the last week due to Covid already over the last seven days). So I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers and watch in the evening.

I’m very excited.

I think the visual of 80K + fans for a non-WWE event is going to be incredibly remarkable and won’t be something many fully grasp the weight of until showtime. Going to be special.


Oh my friend, how sometimes we were all yearn for the joys of the single life

Haha. I think my self isolation in my basement has given me my fill for a while.

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Real life getting in the way for me too. The 9 am start time on the west coast makes it impossible and Aug. 27 also happens to be my wife’s birthday.

I’ve tried to tell her it’s the biggest wrestling show ever - but that verbiage doesn’t impress her :joy:


Seeing All In at a Dave & Busters restaurant with other fans, better than spending $49.99 USD when I’m just gonna watch by myself in my basement, and especially in the daytime.

Next week since I’m here in the Windy City, I sure as hell going ALL OUT, not just the PPV itself but the entire weekend of festivities with Collision and the Starrcast convention. This will be my third Starrcast and I’m really excited to see the panel and get some autographs and photo ops. I’m probably gonna write a full recap of my experience at Starrcast here in the forum because I want to go ALL OUT with all the shows going on.


I know I tried that too and she said said isnt that what you said last time and why you had to get tickets to the last show (Forbidden door)

In the old days, I probably would’ve ordered this and just avoided spoilers but now I feel like it’s impossible. Anytime I accidentally grab my phone it’s gonna be all over Twitter or something and I see no way that I can keep away for it for like nine hours.

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Same boat as many here. I don’t think I could get away with 45 minutes of TV time to myself on a Sunday afternoon, never mind four hours. I may try to avoid spoilers and watch at night, but not likely.

All Out is currently in the plans if my evening stays clear. But Labor Day weekend here in the US is also my wife’s birthday weekend (and her mother’s), so I’m not banking on it. I’m sure something will come up.

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But I know for wrestling, people are understanding about spoilers. When it’s about movies or TV shows, it’s like the end of the world. :joy:

Yeah, live events are (or should be) different. It’s like not wanting someone to spoil a football game for you because you plan to watch it later. You can try your best to avoid, but nobody is under any obligation to help.

I’ll be going down to Mac’s, a bar here in Chicago that shows all AEW PPVs for free to watch ALL IN starting tomorrow at 11 a.m., then am attending the shows next week (Dynamite, Collision, All Out) in person. I’m very excited to see how they’ll pull off putting together a PPV card in just 1 week.


I went to Mac’s for the first time at Forbidden Door. It’s a wonderful hangout.

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That’s amazing!

We used to have a local place up here that used to play it as well, but they shut down during the pandemic.

Would that be the famous O’Gradys in Toronto?

Yep! We used to be the hang out because our medical school is right across there, so we always had all our parties and everything there. It was the med student hangout that we watched PPVs at as well. A shame it closed.

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I had a local place that used to do WWE and UFC PPVs, but they stopped a long time ago.Beas a good concept, but I think what happened was a lot of the patrons figured out that they were spending more money than if they had just ordered the thing at home and bought their own food and beer.

Plus, a few tough guys always got amped up and started fighting like my friends and I used to do during the Royal Rumble when we were eight.

I always hear great stories about O’Gradys from Dan Lovranski back in the LAW days. Sounded so fire.

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That sucks. I think Jim Ross mentioned that his barbeque joint shut down for similar reasons in that people would come in order a Coke and watch the whole show without ordering much.

As I got older, it was interesting because we would use the paper views as a way to meet up with a few friends who were on our rotations and catch up with each other, etc. Kind of became our social hang out every month. Miss those days

It really was. The beer was very reasonably priced and they used to let our class book the entire top floor. Obviously we didn’t have a ton of money back then, so having that kind of space right across the school, where they were friendly and good food and people was just incredible. I haven’t been able to find a similar spot that’s felt like home since then

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I’ll be starting my journey towards London in about 4 hours with my tickets in the Lower Bowl for All In today at Wembley Stadium. History will be made and I will be there.