Which one of these was the best jingle this year? Voting closes December 26th, 8pm ET. Winners announced on the Dec. 26th Edition of Rewind-A-Raw/SmackDown.

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John, Wai, if you see a bunch of new forum members voting for my song, pay it no mind. :wink:

Wai, I did record this in my car. But it wasn’t outside my house to get away from my son, it was outside my work to avoid my co-workers from giving me weird looks.

The banter time included the news.


Tremendous as always! These get genuine laughs out of me. Thanks to all those Wai more creative than me!

you guys gotta use the post ppv song, it was my favourite hands down


If anyone wants to watch the accompanying video I made for the song here is the film clip

The Ballad of a Riotting Squad film clip

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These were all incredible quality this year, props to all the submissions - none made me cringe like a former regular entrant used to :wink:

I also loved the segment with the realisation that John’s headphones were buggered. Excellent stuff :smile:

I also vote for Paul Heyman as a runner up.

My three favorites are All I Want For Christmas Is Post, Give Love To Roman Reigns and Ballad of a Riotting squad. However, since this is a Christmas Jingle contest and the Roman Reigns and Riott Squad songs aren’t really Christmas songs, I’m going with All I Want For Christmas Is Post!


This has to be one of the strongest editions of the jingle contest to date! Even though I missed hearing “Elmo”, I really enjoyed all of the songs.

My favorites were the 6-minute swerve song, the Riott Squad song, & Imran’s submission. I give the slight edge to Imran b/c I love how it sounds like he’s just walking off the stage at the end of the song. That’s the confidence that comes with being a former champion!

Merry Christmas, guys! :v::christmas_tree::100:

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I voted for the riotting song but if i had another id go with Imran.

His cracks me me up with every listen.

I also enjoyed 45 seconds of Holiday Cheer… And I’m pretty sure the lyric is “Pollock gave some vague instructions and it’s greatly influenced my song constructions”.

I also think the PPV song is good but a little hard to hear the lyrics but love the guitars and the lyrics were good just a little heavy with the Jack Black isms a la Tenacious D but once a month would be fine.


I thought Braxton’s track was an order of magnitude better than any of the others. Better singing + backing vocals, harmonizing with the smart marks, and I kind of felt sentimental about Roman by the end. That being said, the postmarks have spoken. Congrats to Imran.

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Jeremiah Lewis was robbed! Killer track.

These were all good! I lost my shit over “John’s at the Bar dropping Roberto Alomar”

great work good brothers! Happy New Year!