A rule for Tag Team matches ?

We know how tag team matches go in every promotion. It starts with everyone respecting the rules, with each partner behind the ropes, and towards the end, it’s tornado, with everyone in at the same time.
Why don’t they say 5mn of respecting the rules where you have to tag in and after 5mn, if nobody has won, then you can tornado. I think it would give more interest and sense to tag team matches in general.

Or how about they just have referees enforce the rules. Like they would in a real sport (which pro-wrestling is meant to pretend to be).

Because (as Edge and Christian said it when they had their podcast) it’s neutralizing the wrestlers creativity.

I used to like these guys but they can f@@k right off with that pretentious nonsense.

“Neutralising their creativity”. They are meant to be pro-wrestlers, not f@@king artists. They sound like that knob Omega.

If they can’t put together a good match within the confines of the kayfabe rules then they need to find another occupation as they aren’t competent.

You’ve got me searching for the exact quote but you got what they meant.

Don’t waste your time if I got the gist as you said.

So I’m assuming you don’t think actors are artists? I mean that is essentially what pro-wrestlers are they are actors. Or actors crossed with stuntmen.

Now I actually agree that rules should be better enforced, but they could change the rules as long as those are well enforced. AEW for example extended double team time but they don’t even adhere to that standard.

I also think loose rules are far more an impediment on artistic creativity than well enforced rules. It is hard to have a spot where a guy is waiting for the hot tag when everyone is just jumping in at will. Why is the guy waiting for a tag if he can just jump into the ring and help out.

Reference to artistic creativity aside, I completely agree.

I also agree, you have to find a happy medium.

I think the happy medium should be something like AEW has done. Expand double team times, but enforce those strictly.

It really boggles my mind, wondering what you are doing on a wrestling message board and it boggles my mind even more, how anyone would have ever thought of this as “pretending to be a real sport.”

All you have to do is watch one wrestling match, even from the 60s, 70s, 80s and you can tell that this shit is not real and anyone who thought it was, is a brainless idiot. Half the shit they do in a wrestling match, is not even physically possible to do, if it were real. It has always been more of a circus. People just seem to have a really hard time admitting that and I’m not sure why.

The stories make it more soap opera like, than real sport. I dont think there has ever been a time in my life, even when I first started watching, that I actually felt like I was watching a real sport and thats fine. If I want real sports, I’ll watch a real sport. I watch wrestling for what it is, sports entertainment. I like the in ring stuff, I like the crazy and chaotic nature and outlandish stories.


There is a physical element to it that makes it a sport though.

The competition element makes it a sport. The choreographed physicality makes it a circus. The planned nature of everything makes it entertainment. Thus…sports entertainment.

It is pretending to be a sport though. It is a soap opera with a sport for its primary setting. The characters are taking part in physical competition for the sake of winning championships

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It really boggles my mind that you are so dense given my statement explicitly states that it isn’t real and you don’t understand the whole concept of pro-wrestling is that it is a worked shoot i.e. pretending to be a real fight.

Except, I think you actually do think that it is real. No one in their right mind, would get as upset as you do, over wrestling being a certain way.

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Based on the emotive language used, there is only one person out of the two of us who is upset. And spoiler, it isn’t me.

Yes, I’m very upset that some dude on the internet cries every week that wrestling isnt the way he enjoyed it back in the 70s.

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Based on your emotive language, apparently you are.

Sorry I upset you with my emotive language. I know how upset you get over little, meaningless things.