AEW releases several talents

Per Fightful -

Let’s hope this is a total restructuring of ROH. But also interesting because TK said he would never do these big releases.

And if you’re releasing talent, then why not release people who want out? Malaki Black, Miro, etc - show them the door

I don’t even know who half these people are

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Mostly people wasting away on ROH. Why were most of these people signed to full-time deals in the first place? How bloated is this company?!?!

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Also TK needs to be grilled about these decisions at the Final Battle press conference. He talked shit about WWE for doing releases and now does the same. Billionaires gonna billionaire

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Stu Grayson has been let go by AEW twice! Damn! That’s not supposed to be a joke/funny, just sad really.

TK on “real” AEW contracts -

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I’m very curious to hear the excuses those that were livid when WWE released talent will use to excuse AEW doing it lol.

Regardless, unfortunate anytime you see someone loose their jobs.

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For someone who supposedly hates tribalism you can be very tribal yourself.

There is a difference when a company announces their most profitable year on a Monday and then cancels 15 contracts on a Tuesday.
Some of those contracts are for people who just started a push on the previous nights Raw or were booked to be in the upcoming PPV at the weekend.

Of course AEW were gonna have to start cutting some people eventually. These guys have done nothing, hopefully now they’ll get a chance on the indies to find a character.

I’m not defending AEW I don’t think I also hate on WWE when they make cuts. It’s business and it’s messy but these cuts at least seem to make sense and probably weren’t a surprise to anyone involved.

Ps…who the hell is Slim J??


It absolutely sucks people got released.
There is however context we are missing when trying to compare companies in their actions. Also, the most critical and vocal Tony was of releases, was when talent was dropped in the middle of a pandemic. Meanwhile, AEW was hiring tons of indie talent weekly and giving them work on overloaded Dark episodes, just because.

I feel awful people have lost their jobs. But on the other hand, there were people under contract who have literally not done anything within the company in the last six months to a year.

It would be nice if Tony explained why now. But I think people wishing he’d be grilled on this, are kind of being silly when there are much more pressing topics that should be scrutinized at other press conferences this week. :roll_eyes:

Again. People losing jobs is awful. This sucks. Bottom line.

Why did they fire Dasha?

No idea.

A major head scratcher on that one.

That’s the one I don’t get. She’s actually useful. They have so many people around that they don’t use.

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I haven’t seen this anywhere, but releases on the first of the month immediately make me think they all hit some sort of “milestone“ in their contract. i.e. their buyouts for being released decreased significantly, or something like that.

That’s a great point.

I think for a lot of these people you can attribute it to Tony kind of being unfamiliar with running a wrestling company. For most of his other sports endeavors, you sign people to contracts.

A lot of these people I think most of us have no idea who they even are. They probably should’ve been on a pay per use deal and not on a contract and maybe somebody someone like their new COO, pointed this out to him.

No. Tony said he would honour all contracts unlike the big bad WWE boogie monster and then went back on his word.

That’s not “tribalism”. You defending these cuts, which TK said would never happen, by bringing up what WWE did is “tribalism”.

AEW was supposed to be the shiny happy alternative but this behaviour isn’t that.

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Not true, but you know that. I am a fan of both WWE and AEW, and I will praise either of them when they do something good, and I will criticize either of them when they do something bad. I try to look at every incident without bias.

And if you’re talking about the OP, he’s not tribal at all, also very consistent with the way he speaks about both companies.

The mental gymnastics people will go through to justify how this is fine, but anytime WWE does are saying things like “piece of shit company” is just ridicules. Tony never had to publicly talk about WWE releasing talent the way he did, he set himself up for this.

Tribalism is when you blindly defend one over everything any anything, and blindly criticize the other the other over everything any anything. I have praised/criticized both companies over and over around here, I just push back on this board more on AEW because some will defend anything they do. I get the same crap on social media when I defend AEW, I’m used to it.

They’ve also all got health insurance, right? :roll_eyes:

What should he be asked about at the ROH press conference? Which match he liked the best?

The cuts make no sense. If it’s a money thing, then why not get rid of guys like the Hardy’s, Jake Hagar or other high priced guys they don’t use.

Or allow others they don’t use like Malaki Black and Miro the chance to walk if they want to walk.

Plus with April being a common start of a fiscal year.