After a three-year suspension, Hulk Hogan has been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame.

They must have Summerslam plans for him

don’t understand why they insist on bringing him back. theres no financial incentive whatsoever. his rep and credibility is so low

Will we be able to get Real American on Apple music now?

Its so he can go in the damn game.

The tagline of the game is “never say never” right?

Ps If 2k do this I hope the zillions of black athletes all their other sports titles are built have sonething to say about it

Apparently Hogan is backstage. So, Hogan saving New Day from a Sanity attack?:joy::joy:


Roman is about to beat Lashley and Hogan does a run in to help Lashley get the win.

Am I excited that Hogan is coming back? Nope. But his rant, which was illegally recorded, wasn’t a tenth of the filth that came out of Warrior’s mouth. I don’t agree with any of it. But it’s time to let Hogan back in.

Hogan VS Angle at Summerslam for RAW GM position??? J/k

I mean its the WWE so you can’t be surprised. They still have the Warrior award, they tried to have the Moolah battle royal. This is a company that only cares about its bottom line and anything they can do to increase it will be done.

The most obnoxious part to me is them trotting out these tired video packages for black history month or championing their womens revolution when they’ll drop these things at the drop of a hat when dollar signs are in their face.


My favorite moment in the history of Live Audio Wrestling was the week when it was revealed that Hogan dropped an N bomb in privacy over 10 years ago and it was caught security camera was when a black caller was so upset by this racism that he called Hogan a cracker on air.

40:55 Great stuff from Ronny in Houston “YOU WHITE CRACKER PUNK!!!”

Agnew just starts laughing. I wish more people where like Agnew and could just laugh off hearing a racial swear about his race.

It was to be expected but its still disappointing. I’d have an easier time with it if Hulk actually seemed contrite. Most of the things I’ve heard him say about this have been excuses - I was brought up around this language, some of my friends are black etc. Maybe I’ve missed it but he doesn’t really seem to acknowledge his wrongdoing

They probably got tired of all his voicemails promising that “This time things will be different brother!”. I guess it’s more because he’s such an important part of history when it comes to WWE, I mean it’s impossible to look back and ignore him. I personally don’t want to see him back on TV, I don’t see the benefit at all.

I have watched many New Jack shoot interviews where he has said the most vile stuff about white people including every derogatory slur possible and not only do I want him in the WWE HOF but a prominent role on television.

Would any white fans on here object to New Jack being on WWE television or want apology before hand?

Personally, I never really understood why they took him out of the hall of fame in the first place. We are talking about the wwe hall of fame here. The same hall of fame that as Donald Trump in it. If there ever a guy that should have been taken out of the hall of fame it’s Trump.

I don’t want to get political but here a guys that has made a lot more racist comment over the years not just currently as president but way before he was president plus with all the women’s that have accused him of sexual harassment over the last few years, I don’t get why he wasn’t taken out of the hall of fame years ago.

What Hogan did was awful, I get it but compare to some other hall of farmer it was pretty much nothing and with what he did for the business, he truly deserve his spot in the hall of fame because if Vince didn’t go out and steal Hogan from Verne and had the bright idea to make him the focal point of the company, we wouldn’t have a WWE today.

I agree with John’s take. Hogan didn’t simply make a mistake. He was exposed as a racist in private. As wrong as it is that I had access to the convo, I heard him admit he’s racist. He was in his 50’s. A finished product. He had already interacted with fans from every part of the globe. And he still thinks of blacks that way. You can’t apologize and expect me to believe you changed.

He didn’t even apologize for the right thing. He’s sorry for using 1 word. He never says sorry for being racist. He denied being racist in that ABC interview.

HOWEVER. It hurts wrestling to have the GOAT be known as a racist. For the sake of the industry, would it be better if he’s welcomed back? Maybe that’s why Mark Henry and others speak of forgiveness and 2nd chances whenever the topic arises.


Pointing to examples of white people laughing off racism is really missing the point here.

To be honest, I’m more offended by his treatment and reactions when dealing with his son Nick. Within regards to the car accident and his best friend being paralyzed.

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The idea that Hogan was “suspended” from the WWE Hall of Fame was absurd to begin with. It’s not even mentioned in the wikipedia article it was so trivial. So I have no problem with WWE “updating” a web page (if he was even taken off to begin with). Or him being included in the game. Or him being in documentaries. He was still the biggest star in pro-wrestlings boom era. Both ESPN and HBO used him in their recent documentaries. His commentary on the history of the industry has merit.

But there is no reason in 2018 to sign him to a contract and put him in a ring in front of a live crowd. Period.

Looks like I spoke too soon.

started watching wrestling in 2000 and thus nobody in wrestling has more go away heat with me than Hogan. Like Fale would say “Fuck em”.

My memories of Hogan: Racist, sex tape, divorce, Captain America, the funniest selling match in wrestling history vs Shawn Michaels in 05ish, and SILVERDOME.

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