All available tickets for "All In" sold in less than one-hour

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Tickets for the much-publicized “All In” event appear to have sold out in less than one-hour following Sunday’s on-sale.

Tickets were made available at 4 pm Eastern for the September 1st event at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). Within one-hour, no tickets were available to purchase online.

The event stemmed from a question on Twitter to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, posing the notion if Ring of Honor would ever sell 10,000 tickets to a show. Meltzer responded, “Not anytime soon”, to which Cody Rhodes added, “I’ll take that bet” and they made a $1 bet on whether Cody could do it.

Over the past months, names have been added to the show with Cody, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, Hangman Page, Tessa Blanchard, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Jay Lethal, Deonna Purrazzo, Joey Janela, Chelsea Green, Penelope Ford, and IWGP heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada announced.

Before tickets went on sale Sunday, a press conference was held in Chicago where they announced that NWA champion Nick Aldis will defend against Cody on the show, and Rey Mysterio will also be working the show.

Individual tickets on StubHub range from $100 - $1,995 currently.

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Sorry, we’re All Out. (no PAT awarded)

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Congrats to the bucks and Cody. Well deserved


Promoter booking himself in the mainevent. …classic :laughing:

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Not really surprise that this happens since Chicago as always been a big wrestling town. If they would have run this show in any other other town in America outside probably new York, it wouldn’t have sold out as quickly as it did.

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Somehow managed to get third row seats. Had trouble at first, they said they were sold out but then I tried the best section available option and lucked into third row on what’s most likely the side the hard can will be on. So stoked.


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I actually had no problem. Log in at 3 pm central time. Select 2 tickets best seat available and got 2 tickets for 53 dollars a piece. A couple minutes later saw people were having trouble. Guess I was lucky

I don’t believe this is the main event but rather the firstmatch announced. Billy Pumpkin was there as well. I am hoping Flip Gordon wins the NWA title between now and then getting himself on the card and in a good match with Cody.

With Rey, Okada and Omega on the card it would shock me if this actually headlined.

I saw Meltzer getting into it with fans about Scalpers and the secondary market being the only reason this sold so well. While I don’t have hard data to know how many tickets went to brokers or directly to resale markets, I do think Cody and the Bucks were smart in listing tickets at a price point that were a) more than reasonable considering who is booked and b) setting prices so scalpers or others would want to buy and then be able to sell at prices that still remained reasonable and profitable.

As with all events, the scalper market is real and makes up a chunk of initial sales. That is the same for any act and should not diminish the accomplishment here. Tickets wouldn’t have sold like this if they were not perceived as valuable. Also, I do not believe prices on those secondary sites will remain that high. That’s a common tactic early - listing for as much as possible.

There are some in the wrestling community that will never give these guys full props. The fact they went to their promotions and asked to not only break contracts to put on the show, but asked for others to be eligible as well (they have Okada of all people) is remarkabl in itself. I’m very happy for them, and for any person in the industry working outside of WWE who benefits from this show

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Tickets went on sale at 4pm EST, probably because of my slow ass computer, but I couldn’t even attempt to buy until 4:16pm. I had no intention of buying, just wanted to see what I’d be able to get. The best that came up were 2 floor seats at $53 on the opposite side of entrance ramp, way at the back.

I wonder how much the potential of CM Punk likely being there helped

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Well, I think it can be assured some sort of a follow up event takes place. I just saw a friend from work (I live in Toronto) post that they had secured 4 tickets. This seems to be a bit of a destination event, I’m assuming a decent percentage of the gate will have traveled a considerable distance to see the show. How many times a year do people think they could get away with booking big venues before people either lose the urge to travel or feel like they can wait until it either comes to their town or returns? I’ll check out the show if they do PPV/online, and will be interested to see how Cody/Bucks do in their next few attempts further down the road.

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Can’t speak for all 10,000 people that bought tickets, but to me it feels like the event itself is the biggest draw. I honestly don’t think the C.M. Punk signing had much effect at all.

Tickets already down to 150. I suspect the best time to buy on the secondary market is early August when scalpers are desperate to unload and people who bought tickets with the hope they could go but can’t will start trying to sell.

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I’m not sure. It’s in Chicago and there’s been rumours flying around for months now. I feel like that may have played a part in people going. Not that it’s the only reason or anything but I wouldn’t say it had zero effect.

I’ve thought all along that Punk was the ace up the sleeve to push the final numbers across the finish line. Then in an hour they did it without announcing him - though they did announce Mysterio which I think added a 3rd headliner (along with Omega and Okada). For my money, the return of Punk to wrestling would trump Mysterio/Omega/Okada. I think the announcement of his participation in the lead up to the show puts his odds at wrestling 50/50.

Punk Omega and Punk Okada are monumental matchups that can’t be done in ROH or NJPW right now (whereas some other matchups may not get the okay such as Omega Okada 5).

I think depending on how his UFC fight goes, there will be an announcement in the summer to give the show maximum attention. He’ll likely lose and have maximum attention to turn into good coverage by returning to wrestling. Smart pivot.

I say all this because as I study the business side of this show, dangling him had to be done on purpose, knowing the hometown base will all turn out. That’s 10k right there. But I wonder if they can’t announce it til after his UFC fight.

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Guess there’s really no legit way of knowing since it sold out in a half hour. No way to see if it “spiked” buys.

But seeing how quickly it did sell out, I think it would have regardless

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I just remember something that Cornette talk about a few months back when discussing this event. They only way to know if this show will be successful is if at the end they make a profit out of the shows because it doesn’T matter if they sell out the place, if at the end, they don’t make a profit, it’s not a successful show for them as promoters.

Now, i don’t know how much it cost them for renting the building, paying the talents, employees and security for the event and every other small expense they had. But i sure hope for they’re sake that when they set the prices for the tickets, they thought about all the expense they had to pay out of their own money and set the prices accordingly so that they can not just get even but actually make some money out of this show. I get that indy wrestling is more about pleasing the fans then actually making money but they’re is a demand for this type of event in wrestling as the fact that it got sold out that quickly demonstrate, but they need to turn a profit to be successful and maybe do a second one next year.

I think one of the things you can say about the Bucks is they are extremely smart when it comes to money. I bet they would have thought all of this through.

I believe I was one of the lucky ones. Had no problem getting tickets. I honestly thought there would be tickets left up to a week or so before the show. Later on I saw people having trouble getting tickets. Had no problem getting convention tickets as well. Not I see the trier I got is sold out