ALL IN - Live Discussion Thread

Never to early to start one of these as the week is here (also, @efuds started a Starrcast thread for those attending, looks like his itinerary is Too Sweet, I’m jealous)

My first question to the board one week out: how is everyone not attending planning to watch?

I have some serious concerns about relying on Honor Club, which I am a subscriber of, but had a horrible experience with for Supercard of Honor (and even some lesser watched shows). Is anyone actually planning on using Honor Club for this purpose, or do we trust FITE to do a better live stream? I can’t believe I am saying this in 2018, but I may even buy the PPV to be safe. Thoughts, plans?

Also, does anyone know if Starrcast presented on FITE will be available for viewing after the live stream dates? I won’t be able to catch some of the podcasts I’d like to see live but would totally go back and catch up on them in video form if I knew they’d be available (I should probably just look at the site, but asking here first).

Excited to have another big wrestling week upon us in the Post Cafe! Looking forward to chatting with everyone about it throughout the week.


I’m watching on Fite. I just made a new account and ordered All In + Joey Janelas Lost In New York, so I could collect the credits to save for Wrestlemania weekend.

I’m still looking for a way to watch All In: Zero Hour though, since we dont get WGN America in Canada.


I’ll be watching on Honor Club. Supercard was a disaster for sure but the last couple tries have been a pleasant experience. I hooked it up to our Apple TV which seems to be pretty reliable too. If all else fails I’ll just order the PPV mid show if it isn’t working.

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Have you figured anything out for Zero Hour? I’m also in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario) and have no knowledge of how (if?) it can be viewed.

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Nothing. I dont normally illegally stream stuff, so I’m not too familiar with places to go. I guess I’m just going to have to type something in on google, a bit before the show and hope for the best.

I just discovered I have WGN on my DirecTV. Was bitter I would miss the battle royal. Was browsing around and stumbled upon the channel, skipped to Saturday to see if it was legit, and sure enough there is All In. I’m more than satisfied now.

I have done free one week trials (cancel right after) for the AXS shows using Sling TV

Not sure what channels are available internationally but worth a look.

StarCast is on Fite TV. Unsure about how subscriptions work, but the whole StarCast package is $99 for the whole weekend.

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On delay on NJPWWorld

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So…I cant find anywhere that I can watch WGN America in Canada. I’m not familiar with good places to stream stuff online. Fite is now showing a preshow starting at 5:30 though, so I’m hoping they will be showing Zero Hour on there.

Ordered the show on FITE yesterday.

Alas, I found out about that AFTER ordering the iPPV. However, it’ll probably be better to watch live.

That will do me nicely

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FITE TV doesn’t do subscriptions. You just create an account and purchase content OnDemand. There’s also a lot of free content available, such as ROH’s weekly show.

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Right on, thank you for the reply. I was thinking about FloSports, when it came to subscriptions.

Janella/Hangman now a Chicago Street Fight

Hey guys, any update on how to watch Zero Hour internationally? I’m in Australia and would love to watch the whole show. The Over Budget Battle Royal seems like it could be a huge match. I hope we see a Neville debut there and win, that or a Flip Gordon win in some way!

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Crazy prediction (just finished listening to Talk is Jericho with the Bucks and Cody)… Bernard the Business Bear is Getting revealed as Jericho

Holy shit!! The Pro Wrestling Tees commercial!!

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Of course the site I am using works great all weekend for Starrcast and now I cant fucking watch Zero Hour, because I dunno wtf is wrong with the site