An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


The Bullet Club are lame.

There are obviously talented wrestlers in the group and I like the individual parts but all together I don’t think it works. Their imagery and name suggests they’re edgy and they’re supposed to be taken seriously but they act like goofballs with fratboy humour. It’s like they don’t know if they’re an NWO tribute act or a DX tribute act so they try to be both at the same time and to me, it just doesn’t work. Scurll would work much better away from Bullet Club as well. Ideally as a solo act but if he has to be in a group then Chaos would be a better fit. They benefit from not being in the WWE because people are more willing to give them a pass for the dumb shit they do.


John Cena is the GOAT, match quality, PPV buys, merchandise sold and tickets sold…change my mind.

And don’t bring up outdated Nielsens.


I would argue for Stone Cold in his prime, but Cena’s longevity tops Austin overall.


“Big Match Johnny” is certainly Top 5 all-time if you’re talking WWF/E mainstays. I recently did a series of shows ranking the Top 100 WWF/E stars and I had Cena at #3 behind SCSA & The Rock. :100:


What are you talking about man, cena is one of the most successful wrestler WWE had outside of Austin, rock and Hogan. The guy not only had a long WWE career, but He’s slowly becoming a Hollywood star as well.


Uh yeah…that’s what I was saying.


If your criteria is drawing money then sure, Cena is definitely up there as he has a lot of fans. He’s an amazing wrestler the same way One Direction are a great band…

If we’re judging on substance then he’s not that great. In my opinion he was a bland character with basic in ring ability and made wrestling incredibly boring while he was on top.

It depends what you like and if you like things extremely simple in your in ring wrestling and want a simple, clean cut babyface then Cena is your guy. If you want anything entertaining then he’s pretty meh.


Cena pulled a good match out of Great Khali
…nobody on rasslin mount Rushmore couldn’t do that. Shit half of the people on today’s Rushmore tried and failed.

Cena is a great worker, can tell a story in that ring like anyone people try put above him and has been incredibly unselfish and nevet refused to work with anyone.


Are there really politics in WWE anymore? Do wrestlers ever refuse to loose or work with anyone anymore? It’s kinda boring how well all the wrestlers get along and non of them are complete fuck ups like everyone was in the 90s.

Can you imagine a Montreal Screw job happening today? It would just be bizarre and all newer fans would just laugh at the notion of it. Absolutely no one would take Bret’s side and would be considered the biggest bitch in the industry. 20 years ago most people took his side and was considered a hero.


No need to politic when everybody on the roster is at least a three-time former IC Champion. If you’re worth your salt, you’ll likely get some sort of run eventually, which means fewer guys are full of their own shit as far as protecting their spot.

And without doing a head count, safe to say that fewer guys are messed up on booze, pills and whatever else on a regular basis.


Agreed, imagine if Brock refused to drop the strap at Summerslam and got “screwed” in a similar fashion. The narrative would definitely be about how selfish he is (yes, Bret had more street cred as a wrestling “lifer” than Brock does, but bear with me…).

My opinion of Montreal has always been that everybody involved was a villain at some point in the whole situation: Vince and co., Shawn, Hebner, Bret, Bischoff (who didn’t nothing wrong, but his well-cultivated reputation as an asshole was definitely a factor in some of the decisions). I’ve always wondered how much would be different if Vince just told Bret that he’s free to negotiate with WCW, but he has to either drop the belt or waive his creative control first. Of course, I have the benefit of hindsight (and I’m sure I’m oversimplifying it as well), but it seems like such an obvious move to make on Vince’s part.


People would probably just laugh at Brock. It would so bizarre considering how meaningless titles and wins and losses are now (also kayfabe being completely dead). I wonder when the last time a WWE wrestler refused to drop a title was. Seriously try explaining the Montreal Screw job to a newer fan.

I would love to hear from fans who didn’t live through Montreal and get their thoughts of how absurd it would be in today’s wrestling.


You’d think so if you frequented smark heavy forums. They blamed every failed push on Cena. Shit, the entire Reigns/Cena program was based on it.

It’s so silly to think that way tbh. I doubt the guy who played Loki was lobbying to beat Thanos or anybody else…a professional wrestler should just do what they were paid to do and make the best out of the material that was given to them. To do otherwise is just mark shit. And I for one commend all the people who do exactly that.


Not to suggest that things are as political as they apparently were before but to suggest things are like a character in a film wanting to do better doesn’t make any sense as an analogy. Probably more like an actor trying to get the big part especially as the roles aren’t set and the positions are constantly up for grabs. I doubt most wrestlers agree to specifically play a certain role and never move up. And those that do probably aren’t the ones complaining.


Get an agent.

Problem solved…pro wrestlers are stuck in a bygone era where handshake agreements are still employed.


I don’t know if there are any politics per se, but there’s some weird stuff going on backstage. When Zack Ryder’s girlfriend gets a couple of tryouts and isn’t even hired or used in the MYC because someone in management doesn’t like Zack Ryder, I don’t know what to call it if it isn’t politics. Petty and stupid but politics nonetheless


It’s more higher ups in the company liking to fuck with people. None of the wrestlers are refusing to do jobs to other wrestlers or are actively trying to hold each other back like they did all the time in the 90s


This a story or a rumour?


I read this numerous times, although I wouldn’t say it’s 100% legit, considering that Chelsea Green had 2 tryouts in WWE lately. But it’s still baffling that even with those, they still didn’t choose her for the MYC this year or signed her, period.


Never saw on this on any reputable news site.

Seems like conspiracy theory, I could make an educated guess and say maybe it’s because she was Daniel Bryan’s “mistress” on tv and the dude is a high profile character on Smackdown.