An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Finn and Apollo are blow away athletes who can do really impressive stuff in the ring. Daniel Bryan is a sub par athlete who does nothing special in the ring.

For a guy who can bench well near 500 lbs to do this kind of stuff is really impressive.


I’ve kinda have to agree about the Apollo and Finn comments. What have they done in WWE that’s so impressive. Finn always do the same 5 or 6 moves and smiles a lot and Crews can take amazing bumps and do so pretty decent athletic stuff for a guy is size but again how did that serve him when he got the personality of a doorknob and i would use the last comment for finn as well because the only time i’m interested in him is when he does the Demon gimmick.

Bryan could do a lot before his injuries, that’s why he was forced to retire for 2 years because of some of the stuff he was doing. I not saying that he was somebody that could do spectacular stuff because he wasn’t that type of wrestler but he could do a lot of great technical wrestling stuff which is better then a lot of the guy on the rosters right now.



He’s as basic as Bryan is.


Finn Balor does a stomp, slingblade, dropkick to the corner, 1918. I can do all of those and I’m no athlete. The only move he does, that I couldnt do, is the tope con giro and many people do that.

Apollo Crews has done a moonsault and a powerbomb. I legit cannot even name one other move I’ve seen him do in his entire WWE career.

The most impressive thing about both guys, are how white their teeth are.


I think Cody should put Nick Aldiss over at All In


I don’t pay enough attention to “fantasy book” any specifics (Dusty finish, anyone?), but I could see this happening. The tickets are already sold, so if you can get away with it in a fashion that won’t turn the audience against the product, you might as well try to push the payoff to a show that hasn’t been sold out yet.


How do you feel about Shawn Michaels’ in-ring ability?


Easily the best of the 20th century in the WWF.


I think the “end of an era” tagline was meant to be the end of in ring story telling. Since then, it’s been nothing but spot fests.


All In was just a “let us losers get together and show them we’re special” event which won’t have much of an impact on anything.

*runs away *


i agree about your all in comment. I don’t see it having an Impact on anything or even be a annual thing. The problem with the show is that while it was a good idea, it was a novelty idea, so it was easy to convince other promotion to let their wrestlers participate. But will they be willing to do it again, especially ROH who starting to get some momentum behind them and really don’T need Cody to help sell out a big arena anymore. So this was something that was good for what it was but won’t mean anything in a few months.


Without Cody, Kenny or Young Bucks, RoH is not selling out anything more than 5000 seats. No one is going to fill an arena to see Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle, SCU, Briscoes etc. There is a reason they didnt do it before these guys.


Currently I feel WWE shot too big in trying to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground, WWE were talking 80,000 fans before dropping to 70,000 fans this week.

Given the “WrestleMania level prices” (AU$1,427.30 or more for “Ringside”) and the fact while Saudi Arabia received 7-championship matches and a 50-man Royal Rumble we currently have 1-championship match confirmed and 3-non-championship tag team matches.

Honestly looking more forward to “Melbourne City Wrestling” on Friday & “WrestleRock” on Saturday.


Wwe reduces in-ring ability by 60-70%
They force a paceand style that eliminates uniqueness. NXT hasn’t done that and one of the reason NXT cards are always stealing the weekend. Let workers be workers and talent will shine. Force them all into a certain mold and WWE can dictate who is a big star on the main roster (example: Almas would be viewed as a top performer if not for his style being neutered, and Randy Orton would be viewed as nothing special if he was forced to work a faster or more nuanced work rate)


WWE puts a governor on their talent because they travel more and do more work than the indie darlings.



I think there will be a second all in. It’s tough to predict if it will happen annually, bc some of the key talent may be elsewhere.

Sounds like there was a lot of potential for everyone involved to make money and the fans came away happy (for the most part).

There’s not really any one non wwe event that would ever make much of a lasting impact, but all in becoming an annual large even would change my mind.


They don’t have a choice to enforce a safer style because if they let them go full board every single night, they wouldn’t have a roster at the end of the year because everybody would be seriously injured. The guys and girls especially those at the top level of the roster are on the road wrestling 300 plus days a year travelling all around the world. That takes a told on your body just ask anybody that did the schedule.

NXT is on the road maybe a 100 to 120 a year at best, so the rest of the time they at the performance center training so they have the luxury of being able to go all out when they perform because they don’t have the same grueling schedule as the guys on the main roster has.

Also, the WWE is a product geared toward a more casual fans base that don’t care as much about workrate like we do. Just give them a simple story and they will be happy.


Cody definitely followed in his father’s footsteps…he booked himself to be champion.


:roll_eyes: Cody doesn’t own or book the NWA. Billy Corgan obviously sees the benefit of having Cody as the champion. But at the end of the day could have said no or not even let the match happen. Cody won it because he earned it as a businessman and a wrestler.


Great points, you’re right. If only the storylines were simple :roll_eyes:

I have a buddy who is definitely a casual but regular main roster fan. He always complains to me about storytelling and constantly echos the sentiment that we do: “does Vince hate his fans” he asks. The irony here to me is that he doesn’t care they are making boats of money or that an alternative exists. This represents 50% of WWE fans to me. Won’t watch anything else but complain. Yet WWE thrives in every business aspect because of them. It’s a funny and ironic circle