An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Becky Lynch morphed from her own person into a full on Conor McGregor impression.


i kinda get it, at first i really like Becky’s new character because i felt she would have been a great heel with this character and she really needed the change. But fans forced WWE to keep her Babyface despite the new attitude and i feel like, while the fans still love it, she becoming stale a little bit already and the fact that she still feuding with charlotte just doesn’t do it for me anymore.


The only reason I can see for doing it is to pit her against Charlotte, who’s father claims to be “The Man”. Otherwise, I too do not like it.


Daniel Bryan is already a real heel if you want to call it that. I knew he’d knock it out of the park, guy is an A+ talent, don’t listen to Stephanie McMahon.


Kenny Omega’s facial expressions in matches make him look stupid.


Anybody else hear the rumors that there is a HBO documentary coming out on wrestling where Kenny Omega is coming out as gay?


I’ve read articles on it and not seen a single one talking about him coming out. What is your source?


The Solomonster podcast. Jason Soloman is a pretty big deal and credible source.


I second that, they have wasted her so badly.


this whole fresh movement won’t last more then 2 months and all the new talents that are getting push will be bury again as they get closer to mania.


I think your in the wrong thread. 75% of people probably agree with your statement.


Wrestling fans talk all this shit about the McMahons…but when they show up, they tune in.

History shows that.


Because every other woman uses some sort of feminine nickname…Empress, Queen, Goddess. She just checkmated all of them.

Also the sheer guts of it. A woman saying she’s the top star of the company? Love it.


NXT ruins their talent for the main roster when they are wildly successful phenoms down there.

(Apparently you’ve all debated this before, but anyway…)


She checkmated them all by calling herself the man…So you’re saying Man > Queen, Empress, Goddess…


I hate myself that I don’t think I selected Tommaso Ciampa as best male superstar this year

Because I truly think he was


NXT should be considered a third brand on the same level as raw and smackdown and just do trades between the brand instead of doing call ups.

The biggest problem with NXT in my opinion is that they either create big stars that can’t live up to the hype when they get call up or they create gimmicks that just don’t work in today’s wrestling landscape and they tank on the main roster because of how outdated the gimmick is.


NXT’s problem is they cater towards their hardcore audience and that doesn’t translate to the masses.

Just because a stupid hand gesture and crowd chant get over in NXT, doesn’t mean it’s going to be anything outside of it.


Serious question for those who follow indies/international wrestling: how many stars would you say NXT has legitimately “created”?


Define star…if it’s by wrestling standards…lots. if you’re talking anything higher…no one is a star in the whole industry.