An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


In the early days of NXT when they weren’t so dependent on Indy Stars, i would say a few of them became stars, the biggest ones being Roman reigns, Alexa bliss and Braun strowman. But now not as much, they rather let the indy stars continue what they were doing on the indy scene instead of finding a way to get them ready for the main roster and the rest of the wrestlers that they have and didn’T come from the indy scene, they either not use them on tv or give them horrible gimmick that make it even harder to become a star when they get call up. With the exception of Elias, nobody with a bad gimmick became a star when they were call up.


I can’t stand watching Shawn Michaels matches from 95-98 because of how much of a prick he was in that era. You can see it on his face or through his actions at least once in seemingly every pay-per-view match. He either gets (shoot) pissed at his opponent or the referee, has some sort of tantrum or has a moment of “I don’t give a shit” either in his body language or his promo.

It’s probably a double standard by me, because a lot of guys are pricks and/or genuinely bad human beings, but Shawn is just so easy to dislike.

EDIT: However, I could still watch the Hogan/HBK match from Summerslam 2005 all day, every day. I don’t care if it makes me a hypocrite; it’s hilarious.


I agree about her role in NXT, I thought her and Emma together were a great team. Had they stuck together on the main roster, then who knows how Dana would be viewed today, and maybe Emma would still be around. Dana is very athletic and a good talker. Unfortunately, being saddled with the Titus Worldwide crap didn’t help her. Nor does being on the same show for such a long period of time. She would benefit greatly from a move over to Smackdown, just to give her a chance to “reinvent” herself.


I don’t know if I already posted this here but NXT as become a very predictable show and Mauro ranallo is the most overrated play by play guy in the business

I stop watching NXT because I couldn’t stand listening to him on a regular bases. Plus the product is so predictable that you can predict the winners of every takeover matches without having watch a minute of The weekly NXT show.


Can’t be that predictable chief.


dont know about the predictability but I also find Mauro annoying, I would rather listen to Michael Cole, I stopped watching cause I dropped the network. I am not supporting any WWE content in a monetary way.


If you had to pick one of my prediction post. You could at less pick my most recent one for war games where I got a perfect score

This example comes from the last prediction contest i even added the link so that you can see that i’m not making this up

(NXT Wargames II Prediction Contest)


Nov 14

[quote=“Pickles0303, post:1, topic:4155”]
NXT Championship

Tomassa Ciampa©

NXT Womens Championship

Best Two Out Of Three Falls

Shayna Baszler©

War Games

Pete Dunne, Richochet & The War Raiders

Alaister Black

Bonus Questions

1.Of the four matches listed which match will go on first on the main card? Gargano vs Black
2.Of the four matches listed which match will go on last on the main card? Wargames
3.Of the four matches listed on the main card which match will go on longest? Wargames
4.Of the four matches listed on the main card which match will go on shortest? Ciampa vs Dream


You fucking owned him bro.


The point of this thread is posting unpopular opinions so I don’t want to bother arguing your point to much. Is NXT somewhat predictable…yes. But I don’t think it’s anymore predictable than New Japan or RoH.

The most unpredictable show is Raw because on any given week Vince will throw out the script, change up storylines, have a surprise underdog win, etc. But nobody praises this. I would much rather it be a little predictable.


LOL the bad guy always loses…spoiler alert.

Maybe all these movies and TV shows should swerve us because it’s getting too predictable.


And their not a more unpopular opinion then going against NXT since it’s pretty much the more beloved product out there and it’s such a protected product by fans then when you called them out for doing mistake or producing crappy tv, you get blasted by fans because NXT is looked like by fans as the perfect wwe brand and it’s the main roster that screw those guys up when in fact, they are already screwed by the NXT booking, it’s just that fans don’t see it.


I think “predictable” gets used in the place of “logical” sometimes. Wrestling is like any other scripted entertainment in that the outcomes need to make sense. Sometimes that means predictable, sometimes it doesn’t. For example, the winner of the Royal Rumble doesn’t need to be predictable, but it needs to me somebody built as such that we believe he can win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania. If that means there are only 2-3 logical winners in a 30-man field, that’s the fault of WWE (see the 1998 Royal Rumble, where they didn’t even bother too pretend somebody other than Austin might win… though he was too hot for it to matter). But if there are a solid 5-6 or more logical choices for a winner, then the fact that the winner ends up being one of those 5-6 “predictable” choices isn’t a bad thing.


Please…I would really like to hear your explanation on how NXT booking screwed Finn Balor, Bayley, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sasha Banks etc. When those people and others were made to look like stars down there, but are complete losers on the main roster.


Simply put, for most of the Indy guys that joined like Balor and nakamura, they didn’t try to improve them at all, they just figure that since they were over in japan then it will get over in NXT and it worked until they got on the big stage and they were doing the same shit they were doing in NXT and in japan and fans weren’T reacting the same way.

As for Bayley, the character pretty much killed her, the whole cartoony hugger thing might work with a smaller crowd but with a mainstream crowd it doesn’T always work

As far as sasha is concern, i always thought she was a better heel then babyface, as a heel she had personality which is a plus when you get called up on the main roster, but as a babyface, she more boring then watching a 3 hour raw episode. That’s how boring she is.

The job of the trainer in NXT isn’T to please the fans, it’s to give those wrestlers, even those they come from the indies, all the tools needed to succeed on the main roster. But they are to busy trying to be the cool brand that they forget why they started the brand to begin with.

I’m always going to compare NXT to the last few years of WWECW when they were using him as a bridge show for the FCW wrestlers and were using it as a way to get young talent over before they put them on Raw or Smackdown. You had guys like Sheamus, kofi kingston, evan bourne and jack swagger, just to name those guys become big stars on that brand, then you would transfer them to either raw or smackdown and they had to prove themselves all over again and some became big stars over time and some tanked and vanishes. That’s kinda of the job of NXT, but right now, all you have is a bunch of mid card guys wrestling each other in the main event.

If i look at the current roster of NXT, i see maybe between 3 or 4 acts that can make it as big stars on the main roster and one of them NXT already screwed him up and is getting called up at the worst possible time and that’S EC3. The other that i see potential are the undisputed era, tomasso ciampa and aleister black, that’s because they are the only ones out of the whole roster that really have the total package of great character work, and are good in ring. Everybody else has a negative and a positive going for them and that why they will fail on the main roster.

You look at all the stupid gimmick that NXT came up with over the years. The ascension, tyler Breeze, no way jose, tye dillinger and the vaudevillains just to name those. How in the hell do you want these guys to get over on the main roster when you give them gimmick that haven’t worked for 30 plus years. That’s on NXT not the main roster.

The creative team on the main roster expect that the NXT guys that gets called up are ready to go when they get call up and will just continue the character development that was started in NXT, if they call them up to soon, they will fail for sure because fans don’T have a reason to connect with those new characters. It’s like if i’m watching Flash on a regular bases but i’m not watching supergirl and arrow, then suddenly one of their characters is becoming a regular on the show, i’m not going to get attach to him right away because i don’t know that character. If NXT create bland character, the main roster will push bland character because it’s not their job to create a backstory for those character, it’s the creative team in NXT to create that and pass it along to them.

The other problem is, just like WWECW had back then, is that NXT as the luxury of having a smaller roster and just one hour of tv each week which isn’t live either so it’s easier to give the illusion that your wrestlers are star when they get less tv time. The more they get tv time the more they get expose. The prime example of that is Johnny gargano. Nothing against the guy, he’s one hell of a wrestlers and if wrestling was just about the in ring work, he would be on of the top guy in WWE, but his biggest problem is that he really doesn’t have any charisma and it shows how bad he his at acting. i watch his promo he did after he turn heel on youtube and i couldn’t stop laughing because i could tell right away that he was poorly acting the vignette. The guys isn’t able to emote the right emotion and that’s why i feel NXT trainers should really work on this aspect of his game before sending him to the main roster because in this incarnation, he’s guarantee a spot on the 205 live roster. Another one that i love but i’m scare for him on the main roster is velveteen dream, not really because he’s not a good wrestler or doesn’t have any character presence because he does, but because the gimmick feel so dated that i’m scared that the mainstream audience might not really understand the gimmick and that because it’s such a cartoony gimmick that he gets stuck with the other cartoony gimmick that NXT produce and are still working in WWE.

In the end, and i know that a i rambled on, NXT should be a place to help train wrestlers and makes sure they they are really for the mainstream audience but in the end, they are too busy being the cool brand that they somewhat forget to work with these major stars in helping them get to the next level and be all around better performer mostly because of the audience that they are serving.


NJPW feels like a indy company run in a giant dome. All the foreigners there historically couldn’t get over in America and do stupid indy gimmicks that would never get over in WWE. Jericho’s gimmick there would die so hard in the WWE. For fucks sake they were doing crotch chops and too sweets. That isn’t even indy it’s backyard wrestling level.


I never cared for Chavo Guerrero. I think he was only used a lot cuz of Eddie. He just bored me.


agreed he was always mediocre and offered nothing other than being an OK hand.


This is an unpopular opinion based on a potential future outcome: Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks deserve the same level of scrutiny Triple H used to get if they start winning a bunch of matches and main eventing every show in AEW.


Their booking decisions should be held to the same standards as WWE and TNA.


I really, REALLY, want Omega to come to the WWE