An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Also i think the Rainmaker is one of the worst finishers in wrestling. The V-Trigger is also a move i think is silly but at least Omega has a cool finisher to compensate.


Jericho’s style of promo where he talks like a typical 80s rocker makes him come across as a knobhead.


Jericho’s entire New Japan run has been nothing but smoke and mirrors…lights out Undertaker/Sabu run ins, swearing in promos, blood…all smoke and mirrors.


Jericho has always been super corny and I have never taken anything in wrestling he has done seriously. Especially now that he has a podcast and right after he does something he goes on TIJ gives you all the details behind it without kayfabe.


For all his fault, jericho as always be a ballsy performer that always tries to reinvent himself. he a performer first and a wrestler second and that’s why he was successful in the wrestling business.


LOL kayfabe…we spend most of our times discussing storylines and contracts…expecting the performers to stay in character is silly as fuck.


Yeah, I so miss kay fabe. She made wrestling more enjoyable to watch. Hoping that edge & christian resolve the mystery and bring her back.


Carmella’s face injections have rendered her to look like a lazy eyed duck…company has to step in and stop lip injections, eyelifts and cheek shaving…it doesn’t help…it just makes people look like they had some shit done to their face.


I kind of enjoyed Aces and Eights in TNA. Not the storyline but the actual group. I was a big Sons of Anarchy fan and thought that look translated to wrestling well. Plus main event heel Bully Ray was awesome.


I’m a big fan of Liv Morgan. Shes incredibly charismatic in my opinion and she takes bumps really well. That table spot at th last PPV was excellent.


I kind of miss Okada’s longboys already. I mean, I popped for the reveal like everyone else, but I thought the pants were really cool and distinct.


Mr Wonderful’s WCW theme from 94 was a bop.


Is that… good?