An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share

If Adam Cole had managed Bearcat Keith Lee instead of both going to AEW they would each have been better off from a health and push perspective

I’m assuming the logic is because while Vince may have misused them, once he left Hunter would have put them in great spots?

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Yup exactly that

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Before his injury, which could have happened anywhere, Adam Cole’s AEW tenure consisted of multiple main event/world title matches and winning the Owen Hart Cup. Plus he’s in with the Elite, which seems to go well for most guys.

Even if you think Triple H would have booked him well, which I agree with, I don’t know that he would be much better off than that.

I get what he’s saying, it’s not that AEW was nessesarily misusing him, it’s that if he stayed he would be on an alternate timeline that since he’s injured right now, would have his right now on a better spot. He’s not technically wrong.

I feel like he may have been less likely to get injured in WWE with the style being less intense

Ethan Page actually kind of sucks and all he has is his mic work. He will never be a legit main event guy.


He’s a tag team guy. Not a singles star IMO

I miss the AEW rankings system. They weren’t perfect. But they were interesting to discuss and provided storylines for wrestlers that climbed the rankings or felt disrespected by their low ranking.

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I agree. I think the issue is the rankings probably make booking a nightmare.

I like the idea of rankings and records, and I appreciate the effort. But after seeing it in action, I get why it didn’t work.

You can’t build a guy up strong but slowly (Hook, for example) if your own internal logic says that he should get a title shot ASAP because he’s 8-0. Or the converse of that, you bring in a big name like Punk but need him to work months of midcard matches because the rankings say he’s not a main eventer yet.

It’s just not how pro wrestling works.

Despite the (mostly deserved) criticism received by the “Raw v. Smackdown” concept for Survivor Series, I think the gimmick with Raw getting a clean sweep of the card could have been awesome if they didn’t give up it and/or have no idea what to do with it.

But instead, they sabotaged themselves right out of the chute by having Smackdown win the preshow match for absolutely no reason, and then quickly moved on to building to the next show and basically forgot the whole thing happened. Glory days.

If I remember, The New Day were not supposed to win the match, but it was a botch that the ref.