Are you ordering Forbidden Door?

What. A. Match.

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This show is two plus hours in, and has been phenomenal. The crowd is incredible. Loving this show.


I was wrong. Orange Cassidy match I’m glad I didn’t fast forward. Osprey is amazing.


Best. PPV. Of. The. Year.

This is such a love letter to wrestling fans.

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This show is incredible.

Two + hours in, and the energy is amazing.

So happy to see Claudio in a place that will appreciate and showcase what he can do. As somebody who was a fan of his for many years prior to his WWE run, I’m so happy to see him in a place that will allow him to finally show people what he can do.

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Go back to 2018 and tell yourself the Revival would win the IWGP tag titles on a night Shibata physically confronted Osprey and Cessaro faced ZSJ. Jericho threw a fire ball at Red Shoes kid. Sting teamed with Shingo Takagi to face the Young Bucks.
All before Ambrose faced Tanahashi.

I’ll wait.


Imagine if Joe Punk Bryan Omega Naito and Ibushi were on the card? When is Forbidden Door 2 (and will people ever question this idea again?)

This is one for us, the online die hard pro wrestling fans. The ones who wake up at 4am to watch Wrestle Kingdom. The ones who packed civic centers and ballrooms at Mania weekends.

This is in the United Center in front of 12,000 insanely passionate fans featuring insanely talented wrestlers.
This is a love letter to pro wrestling fans.
The way AEW seems to always deliver.


Wow. Becky Lynch tweeting that

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Well that was a weird ending. Probably the first miss today. Wtf happened to Cole I thought he missed the Rainmaker ?


Collapsed. Commentary covered for it. Felt flat. But also deflating which fits Whites character.

First aspect of show that hasn’t registered at least an A- with me

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It really felt like Cole was supposed to kick out.
Cole’s eyes were open on the three and confused. Jay White pulled in the ref to talk.

Thankfully, while it felt awkward, it didn’t ruin the match.