Arrowverse on The CW thread


I tried to deny it for a few years now. Despite the awful new characters and bad stories and lack of chemistry between some of the main characters, I always gave The Flash the benefit of the doubt, because the show was so good at the beginning and I loved it, but this finale did me in. It was absolutely terrible and with the exception of a couple moments over the last few seasons, this was a worse death than Dexter was.

  1. Chuck, Alegra and Mark were abysmal characters. All of them were super annoying and served no purpose, other than to take up screen time from better actors.

  2. They absolutely killed Danielle Panabaker on this show. Caitlin either should have stayed herself for the entire series, or became Killer Frost. Instead we got these terrible variations of the character, only to try for some fan service in the finale by bringing her back, which was far too late in the game. This character had the worst writing in the entire series.

  3. They bring in all the classic speedster villains, only to have them look like complete buffoons to the teams jobbers.

  4. I cant think of anyone that Team Flash lost throughout the series. They just destroyed everyone and basically suffered little to no loss. Joe should have been killed off years ago, to further some story.

  5. I dont know what was going on with Iris in the past few seasons. She was never great to begin with, but her chemistry with a lot of the cast was just brutally bad. Looking back on the series now, this was just a terrible casting choice.

  6. No Cisco in the finale.

What a sad, sad end to what was once an amazing show.

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Flash was on the lower end of these shows for me, I’m a MASSIVE DC guy but Flash tired for me fairly quickly. Loved Arrow, Supergirl, Superman & Lois, Legends was fun, I hope some streamer picks up all these shows so I can do a rewatch though!

So obviously there are several big Arrowverse fans. And it always feel like you have to admit upfront that a lot of the 700+ episodes were pretty poor or filler. But looking back now, what are some of everyone’s favorite episodes?

“The Runaway Dinosaur” was at the time the best episode of ‘The Flash’. I thought it was the best representation of who Barry Allen is and what he’s dighting for.

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That episode gave me goosebumps. It was so fire. For me, my favorites were the crossover episodes where they all team up. Elseworlds and Crisis on Earth-X were some of the best comic book television I’ve ever seen and that had tremendous acting even with the cheesy plots.

Yeah bro, all it took was a pep talk to Barry per usual so that Team Flash could win at the end. The finale was a massive letdown and you could tell it was severely rushed especially with only 13 episodes. And not even one Cisco comeback, nor a mention even.

It is a real shame that the final season and series finale of Flash were so poor.

Whereas Arrow had a renaissance in its final season. I consider Arrow season 7 the second best season overall of the show (behind the 2nd season). And Arrow had a pretty good series finale as well.

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Arrow season two was peak for me, which is a shame because after the third season the show started to really fall off and I don’t know if it’s in relation to Andrew Kreisberg’s justified firing from WBTV, but at times it feel like it.