Ashley Massaro and WWE abuse

Details of Massaro’s abuse at the hands of WWE: Sexual assault, told to “shake it off” after being knocked unconscious, and having a plaster cast protecting her broken hand being sawed off on Vince McMahon’s orders weeks before it was scheduled to be removed

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I saw this Casey guy on twitter who usually reports people who get Performance Centre tryouts talk about this. This was why I feared when she was confirmed to be dead that it was suicide.

That whole class action lawsuit was just insane for the most part, but a lot of people had legit claims, including her. She was atrocious, but she also was in the ring wrestling in 2006, even though she came in with the Diva Search in 2005. She wasn’t properly trained. I read she trained a bit with NYWC (where she was training again before her death) and trained a bit with Finlay, but she didn’t have the experience to be out there live. She had numerous injuries, and nobody cared, because she was just in the divas matches, it’s not like they could hurt themselves that much, right?

This is why I was outraged at the Brie Bella stuff and why I hated the wrestlers’ responses to it. I hated it not because I thought she was a bad person, or she was out to hurt people. She was clearly incompetent and not ready to be in the ring, but it didn’t matter. Ashley suffered from depression and anxiety stemming from her concussion issues and now she’s dead because she fucking killed herself.

It really doesn’t matter at this point what did or didn’t happen. The fact is she’s dead and while it wasn’t 100% confirm that it was suicide because of concussion issues, i don’t have any problem believing it.

When you look at " her matches" she really didn’t belong in the ring and whatever bump she did took could have cripple her even through she didn’t take a lot of bump in her career. As far as all the other claim, if she already had cte, i believe that she truly believe that all thoses claim was true even through they probably never happened as this is one of the affect of cte.

This feel a lot like the chris benoit story in a way. Both died because the company didn’t detect that these performers were starting to get CTE which is a problem that they are starting to fix now with the current rosters. Until we know more on the cause of death, everything is just speculation but i sure bring back the conversation we had about CTE when benoit killed is family and then commited suicide.

It always intrigues me…how does someone go from struggling with depression, but still living their life. A lot of times seemingly really happy, to that’s it, their life has to end. I can’t imagine what they must be feeling like in those last moments.

I also hate when everyone comes out and says to talk to someone if you are having those thoughts. It really isn’t easy. I’ve had moments where I’ve been depressed and needed to talk and talking only made things worse. There are so many people who just don’t want to deal with it. They will tell you the most basic stuff to try and get it over with. “Everything is going to be ok” “You’ll get through it” It can be really frustrating.


That class action suit was bogus and would’ve been thrown out of the people’s court and then read the riot act by judge Judy…foh with that garbage.

It’s also an opportunistic hit piece that uses someone’s death to just shit on a company that hasn’t had anything to do with her for 11 years.

Wasn’t she the same one who was accused of being an escort and denied it? I can’t remeber

An opportunistic hit piece… Written three years ago?


And even if she had been, how does that change the fact she might have experienced sexual abuse later in life?

It doesnt. Just wondering if it’s same person. I don’t care if she was an escort or not. But if she lied about it when confronted it does speak a bit to credibility. She also sued WWE and then went back on it apologized after lawsuit fell apart. So I’m no lawyer and of course give her benefit of doubt but I think it’s relevant

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Yes it does.

No, it doesn’t.


I wish I could say I was shocked by the usual suspects defending the company in this thread… But I can’t.

Look, I was super pro-WWF back in the mid to late 1990’s (I wrote the WWF offices so much, that one day I came home to an autographed Vince McMahon autograph). They could do no wrong.
But I was also 13 years old. We all grow up, and it’s about time people who blindly support this company do the same.

I wish people could separate fandom from morality.


So please give me more then that if you want to be taken seriously, man. This reply was the weakest one you ever did.

So tell me why you believe that it does matter what happen and why it doesn’T feel like the chris benoit situation.

It matters because a human being is dead, not sure elaboration is needed. It appears WWE didn’t do enough either at the time or anytime since her alleged abuse. So yeah, it matters.

And to compare this to Benoit - WTF. They may have had similar symptoms from wrestling but the actual acts are nothing alike. Is everything comparable to Benoit?

Honestly dude you make zero sense


It matters because there is a major possibility / probability that WWE knowingly covered up a rape, that likely played into her suicide. How can you not figure that out?!


Ugh x100…


Oh… oh my…

You’re kind of a piece of shit, to be honest.

It’s pretty clear to anyone with a brain, that something happened to her. Whether it went down exactly the way she said or not, it doesnt really matter. This girl was taken advantage of, against her will. She was treated like shit in some way by the company and that fucks with people.

She may have had other issues, but it all adds up to a pretty messed up thing she went through.


Doubling down…


Just stick to things you know like RAW attendance figures.

Also, you don’t know she was dealing with CTE - that can only be known after they examine her brain after death - which may or may not be happening.

So, as usual (see RAW attendance figure numbers) you’re talking out of your ass and have no clue what you speak of.

WWE should get called out for things that allegedly happened regardless of if the person impacted is dead or alive. It’s relevant because it’s the same old man in charge of the same publicly traded company.


And wanting justice for the rape she suffered through some how… Disrespects her memory???


  • You’re saying a woman’s rape allegations don’t matter.
  • You’re a Benoit apologist.
  • You’ve got a picture with Hogan as your profile picture.

Triple threat folks…

Whether I am a fan of hers or not, really shouldn’t matter. I don’t think you seem to understand that she was the victim of a seriously fucked up crime. The WWE allegedly ignored, if not covered up, that fact. This probably had a major impact on her well being, and likely contributed to how her life ended.

If you want to “celebrate her life”, by all means, start a thread in her memory and share your favourite moments of her career. I think her friends and family would just as much appreciate it if the billionaire mega corporation that stood by silently knowing the horrendous abuse she suffered through, maybe took some responsibility in the matter