ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (April 2018)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting answer any and all of their patrons’ questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

More than 45 questions covered in this 2 hour podcast discussing:

  • Can WrestleMania exist as a 2-day event?
  • NJPW/ROH relationship as New Japan expands into North America
  • POST Wrestling t-shirts?
  • Is POST Wrestling All In?
  • Bullet Club and Golden Lovers
  • How John and Wai first met
  • Other podcasts we listen to
  • Does NJPW get undeserved praise?
  • Why isn’t Sable in the Hall of Fame?
  • Who will WWE try to sign from NJPW next?
  • Dallas and Riverdale
  • Wai’s Lego obsession
Plus, a full rundown of our patron-exclusives during WrestleMania week in New Orleans.

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“prominent wrestling journalists ryan satin and david bixenspan”

i howled

Respectfully disagree with our guys about ROH and NJPW relationship and it’s future.

ROH has Tanahashi, Ibushi, Ishii, Omega (all guys I’d associate as NJPW guys), then the rest of BTE who have been prominent in both places. That’s relying on New Japan talent a lot. And viceversa NewJapan needs a place for its guys to gain popularity in the US when they aren’t here as frequently as ROH runs and the sharing talent allows both places to grow footholds in other markets. The crowd was very into the Honor Rising shows and with streaming services for both, who knows who is watching from where, but at least it’s international.

Here’s a follow up question - could you see New Japan and ROH securing a major TV deal if packaged together?

Hey John and Wai. Still nice that to listen to you guys for almost 9 years now.

A couple of questions

Has the Conor mcgregor bellator incident been forgotten? Not heard a bip about it since. No fine No nothing?

Do you ever go out to watch anything else than mainstream MMA? Maybe locally or some other region like africa,europe or carribean mma events? Can only recommend if you want highly entertaining mma

And finally since you work with mma and pro wrestling. Have you thought about how to introduce your son to it or Maybe not?

Were you happy with Infinity War? Did it live up to the 10 year build?

Please be aware that we take questions from the official thread at the PWC section of the forum. This is just a comment thread for this particular episode.