ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

If these changes to the WWE Network happen sooner than later and major PPVs get moved from it, what could that mean for WWE’s deal with Rogers?

Would WWE have to give Rogers the PPV rights for Canada even if they reach a deal with another streaming service also available in Canada like say Prime or Netflix?

And when 2024 rolls around, what do you see the rights fees situation for WWE in Canada? Another 10 year deal seems unlikely at this point.


Lucas from Milwaukee

Hey guys, when it comes the presentation of entrances in MMA, which do you prefer? The pro wrestling style we see in Bellator with a large video board and ramp to the cage, or what we see in the UFC where they follow the fighter backstage as he makes his way through the tunnel.

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Do you have any examples of lower card or minor feuds that most people would forget but you remember fondly? For me I recall Jamie Noble and Chuck Palumbo having a really interesting feud on Smackdown in I think 2006.

Branavan from Ajax

With the announcement of New Japan getting a good TV slot again, on the scale of 1-10 (With 1 being BS MMA/Dark Ages and 10 being the 1990’s) where on the scale would current NJPW fall?

Jake here:

Would a character like Eugene even work in this day in age without getting the backlash of making fun of mental disabilities?

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Hey guys. What books on wrestling would you recommend? Preferably digital. Thanks.

How many viewers a week do you feel AEW loses each week simply because NXT is an equally good show. People who will watch AEW but they watch NXT first for whatever reason. Hypotheticaly, If AEW went head to head against Raw instead do you think they would gain viewers from people who would rather watch AEW live and RAW when they can get to it?

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James from Liverpool
I’m heading to Japan in October and want to watch some wrestling.
I know NJW but I’d love to see some smaller promotions, can you suggest a few I could look at?

Nic from Chatham:

Will John ever give his thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok? (If he ever has time to watch it, but he should, it’s fantastic)

JD from RLS

Given you’ve both worked extensively within both MMA and Wrestling media, I have to ask - did you find working within MMA more fraternal and enjoyable? I see MMA journalists hanging out and being very friendly with each other all the time and constantly trying to ‘raise everybody up’, even if they work for a rival website. Butoutside of the POST family, I see a lot of sniping and bad blood between wrestling journalists. Is this just a perceived difference I have, or is one industry generally just nicer than the other for journalists?

Also, I’ve always wondered - how did you both meet Nate Milton and get to know him?

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Hi guys ,

Alex in Edinburgh.

Having experienced wrestle kingdom being split over 2 nights in person this year, do you think you could survive if wwe did the same for WrestleMania, you Know each show would be be at least 4 hours plus and probably have a pre show as well.

On a side note I was lucky enough that the only nxt taping I’ve been to was when Finn turned heel and now when ever I see full sail it always feels cool to know I was there for a huge moment. Are there any arenas or events that hold a particularly strong memory for you Guys either from covering MMA or wrestling.

Brandon from Oshawa

What interests you guys when traveling? Do you like to get off the beaten path? Or do you enjoy seeing the “touristy” type stuff that you’ve seen in pictures and on TV growing up?

Daniel Perry from London
Having recently gone back to watch Wrestle Kingdom 10 from 2016 (which is a fantastic watch these many years on with the whole card seeing where they all are now), Cody Hall seemed like a potential fantastic star in the making in the small but intriguing part of the Bucks match - do you think if he had kept a little focus on his career over the years, he could have potentially have been a bigger star than he was in New Japan / all over the world?

Do you think that this current Jeff Cobb role in AEW was originally planned for Brian Cage before he had his surgery? They both have a similar build, and it would explain not fully committing to Cobb. With all the speculation that Hardy, a contracted wrestler, being the leading candidate as the exalted one, it would make sense if they had made plans for Cage before having to pivot for this particular spot.

Wai, Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of Terrace House cast members? John, lets say you are in charge of NJPW and Vince calls you up and says lets swap talent. For the Royal Rumble through Wrestlemania and for Summerslam i get any talent i want from New Japan. In return, you can have any talent you want off of our roster for the G1, Power Struggle and Wrestle Kingdom. Also we will let you stream all of our PPV’s on New Japan World if you let us stream all of your big shows on the WWE Network. Do you make the deal???

Hello gentlemen.

I’m always fascinated by how your numbers may or may not be indicative of larger trends in the wrestling community at large. In that vein, from your metrics, have you noticed a downturn in NJPW from where it was a year ago (with Kenny, Cody, the Bucks, etc).

Also as a quick bonus - Spicy Food: Are you guys fans of things getting heated or do you shy away from burning it down?

Brandon from Oshawa

Do you ever see Triple H wrestling a match on a Takeover card? If so, who makes the most sense to you guys for his opponent?

Stu from Liverpool (Well, a place nearby called Wallasey but no-one will have heard of it!)

What did you guys want to be when you were growing up? How did that change the older you got?

Also, can you score your excitement for each of the events approaching WrestleMania weekend? Anything looking like a real standout both in a “must-see” and “must avoid” kinda way?

Jack from Vejle, Denmark.

Hey guys, me and my girlfriend are heading to Cuba in the summer for our holiday. The flight stops in Toronto so we decided to take a 3 night stopover from 4th-7th June. We plan to go to Niagara falls but are open to and would love any recommendations you might have for places to see/eat and if there is any wrestling shows worth checking out as it’s the weekend.

Hey Guys, Colm from Ireland

I recently started going back and watching old Bret Hart matches after listening to Braden and Davie’s podcast

I came across Brets “matches” after he returned in 2010. I remember at the time being surprised because Bret seemed to be so protective about his legacy and he went and tainted it to a degree with matches against Vince and the Miz when he obviously wasn’t going to be able to his own high standards of the past

Do you have any insight into why he returned to the ring?

Keep up the great work, love all the shows