ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Miles from Chicago

  • if you could start a podcast on something non-sports related what would it be?

  • what are your biggest goals for Post Wrestling in 2020 and what excites you the most from what you have planned/plan to cover?


Roy from Rhode Island

We are coming up on eight years since Brock returned, and six years since he began to be the focal point of the world title(s) picture. What are your opinions on the booking of the past few years of Brock as it relates to the WWE & Universal titles? Have the often stellar matches been a worthwhile trade off for the prolonged absences of a world title from television and pay per views? Would you be in favor of this pattern continuing on either brand over the next year or two?

Ari from Montreal

Any chance we see ciampa and gargano in hell in a cell wrestlemania weekend?

Anthony from Melbourne

Shawn Michaels has a few guys he is very behind in NXT, Gargano, Adam Cole, Jordan Devlin and HHH has built a brand around some of these guys as well. They are all great talents but short in stature.

CM Punk has told stories of comments Shawn and HHH made about him when he was joining the company that were unsavoury due to his size. We know Punk has embellished the truth at times, so do you think this is Punk taking some liberties with his story or has there been a change in Shawn and HHHs mentality on small size talent (if so why?) and will it ever transition to the main roster?

Unrelated - Is Orton’s punt still banned? It would have been a great way to write off Matt for good after he survived the Concharito and something they could tease him giving to Edge in their match, only to have it countered into a spear.

P.S. John I love your ZSJ accent but to my Australian ears it sounds like Terrence from South Park who is ironically a spoof on a Canadian accent.

Can you talk a bit about OWE?
Last time i heard it was moved from China to Burma. Can you advise on their status with AEW?

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Addie from Australia

Hi I am just wondering what you think of Ryan Satin saying that minute by minute ratings aren’t paid attention to by networks execs and wrestling companies? He was saying this while taking a shot at Dave and it seems ludicrous to me that execs and wrestling companies wouldn’t pay attention to minute by minute ratings for something like wrestling. Is it true they don’t care as much as Dave reports?

Branavan from Ajax: Do you guys prefer WWE with or without a brand split?

Alexander from Portland

On a recent review, you two made a joke about someone wanting R-Truth to be WWE Champion. While comedy wrestlers aren’t the main eventers of PPVs, sometimes they’re the people you want to see more than others. Orange Cassidy consistently is one of the most over wrestlers on Dynamite. Toru Yano’s matches, to a western audience, really stand out from everything else. All the R-Truth 24/7/11 title reigns. What do you think is the ceiling for a comedy wrestler in a serious promotion? Could an Impact or MLW put their main title on a comedy wrestler and have it be successful? In past shows you two have said that a lot of independent and smaller promotions need to try something different to stand out, why not something like having a world championship on a guy like Hard Gay?

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Chris from Kaohsiung

Charlotte vs Bianca Belair didn’t do much to help the NXT ratings. Short of Brock Lesnar or John Cena is there someone from the main roster that you think would actually make a significant impact on NXT’'s ratings?

Spencer from Australia

One month on (by the time you’re reading this) from the most shocking reveal in pro wrestling history; how do you feel about Cody’s neck tattoo?


WWE talks about making new stars. In the last 15 years, their new homegrown stars have been lukewarm at best.

But in 6 months, AEW has made Allin, Guerera, Riho, Orange Cassidy, MJF, and even Aubrey Edwards hot stars.

Do you see the lack of new young star power hurting WWE’s position when it’s time to renew their TV deals? And can AEW keep up this ability to keep making young stars?

Tenese pronounced Tennessee from GA

Curious have you guys had a chance to see anything from El Hijo del Viking? As a regular viewer of Impact and watching him during the Mexico taping had me in awe having a banger with TJP. He reminds me of Rey Mysterio when he first burst onto the scene in the US. Impact/Anthem should move heaven and earth to sign him, he’s special.

Ari from montreal
Why is the move called sliced bread #2…whats sliced bread #1?

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johnny from saskatoon

now that you’ve had the real deal, ramen or pho?

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Eric from Miami

I’d like to know your thoughts on the legacy of the WWE Performance Center so far, Now they’ve made 3 wrestlers who have big roles at Wrestlemania this year, Charlotte, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns, all the kids of former wrestlers, but after that what else? It was made clear for me during Rewind-A-Wai #56 “PWG:ELEVEN” how much WWE has just plucked Indy talent. The entire Mens War Games 2019 match of Undisputed Era vs Ciampa, Owens, Lee, and Dijakovic all were in ROH/PWG, so where are the new people? You got Bianca Belair and Kacy Catanzaro who you’ve created, but where are all those College Football and Basketball players you put in group photos when you sign Bobby Roode and Matt Riddle. Thanks

Imran from Huddersfield

Do you have any insight/theories as to why the WWE seem so reluctant to use managers more often? I
just find it odd that it’s not something they utilise more often, especially considering their biggest star in Brock has had the same manager for like 8 years now and it has worked well.

Also, any shouts for people within the WWE system who aren’t being utilised that would make for a good manager? For example, I think Mark Henry would be great as a manager for a chicken-shit heel.

Hi Jon and wai

With the recent news of WWE attempting to partner with All-Japan as part of the global expansion, I was wondering if you could detail or clarify some of the relationships WWE/NXT currently have with independent promotions. What relationship does WWE have with promotions like Progress, ICW, WxW, and Evolve? Is it simply a talent share agreement or are there other financial supports these promotions are getting from the WWE?

Thanks for all your hard work.


Other than a wrestling or mma show, what sporting event did you have the most fun at?

Hey guys,
Dan in Denver
How were you introduced to MMA as fans? When did you start watching? Who were some of the fighters that caught your eye back in the day? Were you fans of MMA before covering the sport at the Fight Network?

I’ve noticed that whenever you do a UFC review(shout out to Phil Chertok for his excellent work), you start with the main event and work down, whereas with wrestling you start at the beginning of the event and progress through the card. Is there a method to this madness? Any particular reason the format is different? Thanks.