Avengers: Endgame discussion thread (BEWARE OF SPOILERS)

Want to create this thread because the hype is just massive right now. It can’t get any better than this now. Thank you Stan Lee for all the magic and the ability to feel like a child again!

Quantum Realm?

Seems like that’s where they are headed!

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I have bet that Ant Man would slide into the gauntlet and take it off.

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Yeah it’s a thought but somehow I don’t see ant man being the big hero. I figure it’s either Captain Marvel or it’s going to be heroic sacrifice from either Cap or Ironman.

Ironman couldn’t die as per Dr. Strange so he saved him in this outcome where they win - figure it might be so he can live to die another day

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Tickets on sale April 2nd according to screen rant

Anyone grab their tickets? I made my brother stay awake all night and got some tickets for 6:30pm on Thursday and then saw in the morning that a bunch of sites totally crashed and people were pissed.

I’m so glad I didnt wait and the new trailer is fucking sick.

Very excited, and even more so with the recent Fox deal. I’m getting ahead of myself but now there’s so many directions that they can go after Thanos. I need Doctor Doom done justice!

Got mine! But going on the Friday.

Got mine for Friday when Cineplex finally came back online. I’m also trying to take a break from as many trailers and promo materials as I can.


Friday morning for me!

Coming off a post call night shift and running to movie theatre for a 1030 show :slight_smile:

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Today is the day!

I’m working tonight and driving straight over after work tomorrow morning!

This could be the greatest movie I have ever seen. Bar none.

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I decided it would be the greatest before I sat in the chair. That moment with Cap was so :fire: I like how they rewarded fans like me & you for watching every film multiple times. The amount of call backs was complete fan service. Made for fans by fans.
And If anyones reading this who hasnt seen it, theres no end credit scene

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I really enjoyed it overall : the story, the action, the nostalgia. It was a best of marvel with lots of references to the previous movies. I was a bit disappointed with Captain Marvel’s role. Very minor. Really, Scarlet Witch, Dr Strange and her could have kicked the living hell out of Thanos. Otherwise, really fun and sad at the same time. The end of an era with 3 major characters gone.

I really liked it, but upon first viewing, I think Infiinity War was better. I’m going to see it again on Wednesday though, so I’ll see if I feel the same after that.


I loved it, the movie legit had multiple parts that could be it’s own movie. Incredible storytelling.

Three hours didn’t feel like three hours to me, didn’t feel like going to the restroom once. The only downside for me is that Captain Marvel didn’t get a bigger presence in this. What a conclusion of a 22-part saga, really satisfied.

they will have to explain away Captain Marvel in every movie. In her origin she was depowered by her neck device. In this one she explains that she was out in space. When she saw people returning from the snap where she was. She rushed to Earth. What will happen in Spider-Man 2, when something world threatening happens?

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Yeah that’s the only downside for me. Hulk, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Dr Strange are supposed to be super strong but they are relegated to background roles in favour of Iron Man, Cap and Thor.