Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Sounds like Neville is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN(In Braden Herrington voice)


I love this group


Holy crap!! MJF as Cody’s right hand man, is going to friggen hilarious. The opening segment was also funny. I love the continuity.


I enjoyed the MJF & Joey Janela vignettes. I always love the stuff at the airports, but I thought this was one of the weaker episodes. Too much replaying of the press conference.


Will admire I just tried to do an instagram story of myself on a plane with BTE music. Can’t find warriors cry so did Bucks them. @M_j_gel
We need Papa Bucks jams as an option.

Any anyone who listens to the hangouts. Is it going to far to turn my call ins from famous places in NYC into an SCU programs

“This is. The coldest day. I have ever stood in front of the United Nations. And what nations are uniting - we have promotion warefare going on and no open boarders. Impact, ROH, AEW, and this town. Nobody unites. Everyone wants exclusives. Not like the great state of New Jersey which unites North Jersey and the Jersey shore.”

(Okay I’m buzzed and about to take off on a 5 hr flight) @Rated_R_Poster @Brandonfrmnj @hansi


When you call in, you should start saying…“This spot, is the WORST spot, I’ve ever called in from.”


No cheap phone quality which was the charm of the show but it looks so much better


If their appearances and the reception at DEFY didn’t have you pumped idk if you’re a true Elite fan. Wow…I liken it to when your favorite muscisian shows up unannounced at a bar and jams. Just awesome atmosphere and organic and genuine excitement. Loved it.


It looks like they plan on being in Atlanta on Saturday. If SCU is working and Indy good chance you’ll get some cameos


I really liked the episode, Cody was great the first 5 minutes.


These episodes have been very good the last few months and I enjoy the use of all the AEW affiliates guys, as well as the appeareences at the Indy shows being used. It’s great promotion for places that we expect to be hurt by the talent signings. AEW is good for wrestling, and they haven’t even started doing shows.

Fantasy booking Double or Nothing:
MJF vs Flip Gordon (if possible given Flips ROH status)
Main event - Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros
Title match - Pac vs Hangman
SCU vs the group from China
All Elite Women’s match w/ multiple signings and Britt Baker
Jungleboy vs Darby Allin


Omg that shot of the girl behind them in the concert killed me.


That scene had me rolling!! It was a great episode!! There were more story-driven scenes and less of an event recap. MJF still killing it, a Candice Lerae mention, and Kenny playing the AEW skeptic was great!!


Mjf plays the role of a prick better than anyone in wrestling.


Add MJF to the list of guys made by BTE.
I went to college and am friends with his sister. She posted this on her Instagram last night


I marked out right away with that appearance for the YETI!!! Though he debuted at Halloween Havoc when they were at the Joe Louis arena and not MGM Grand. Not sure if they thought otherwise, or I’m just missing something, but I fucking loved it anyway.

MJF was awesome as usual. This was the first of the Janella skits that I enjoyed. I always love seeing Penelope and of course Steiner is always gold and I hope AEW uses him for something.

Kenny was amazing and the Backstreet Boys concert was classic. Great episode. One of my favorites for sure.


I wonder if Raven’s Flock member, Reese, still wrestles as the Yeti. TBH, in the episode, the Yeti was shaped more like the Big Show.


Somebody from The Elite listens to the Double Shot


Yes Penelope is double double


I knew it wasn’t happening because it would have gone viral already before this ep. but I fully expected One Sweet to due with BSBs. In full One Sweet boy band gear. Wonder if it was considered.