Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


Geez… Even the refs for “All In” is an All-Star roster.


Am I missing something? Why the fuck is Jerry Lynn a referee? Is this what he’s doing now?


I know Jerry Lynn trains wrestlers and participates in workshops. He might be doing a special one-off for this event. If only “the Elite” could’ve booked “Red Shoes”.


Who does everyone think will be the ring announcer for All In? I would love to see Gary Michael Cappetta, who would be my first choice and second would be Howard Finkel.


Matt Jackson always mimics Howard Finkle on BTE. I can see Brandi Rhodes or maybe Justin Roberts doing the ring announcing.


Great episode this week. Love the cliffhanger at the end and love Joey Ryans death being blamed on Stephen Amell. Marty & Flip were great too.


The Jay Lethal stuff while very rooted in schtick is getting me to laugh each time now when he references different old guys from Macho’s generation. I would like this to keep going to a run in with HH who I believe is a big fan of the Bucks


I hope he runs into Hogan and thinks he’s the Huckster, from the old vignettes WWF did with Huckster, Nacho Man etc.


Man, that was a quick turnaround for a new episode. Without spoiling it. It was a great episode, hilarious, and answered some questions. But they also threw some subtle hints in there, where you’re like…”WTF”?


@Kahiliaulani this is a spoilered thread so I’ll just come out and say it…The Bucks of Jericho or Y2Jackson was incredible improv. it was a very quick turnaround and I’m never a fan of when they leave Warrior Cry out or don’t end with proper “did you like that” …this had a lot in it but maybe felt rushed. I also felt they magic wand’ed a lot of stuff that explains the Final Four stuff.

Either way, like with Gedo , I will not questionthe creative on BTE.

Question: do we think Golden Elite will be a real group in New Japan. It really seems Kenny and Bucks are done with Bullet Club. And there was zero BC presence on Dominion outside of Being the Elite cast. I think now more than ever Tama Tonga needs to assert himself and lead the OGs in an all out split.


Yeah. For me personally, I’m never bothered by spoilers. The BTE episode came out, out-of-the-blue. So I didn’t know if anyone else cared or not. I think the “Golden Elite” group is going to be the new faction. It was cool how they tied it in with the gift that the Bucks gave Kenny. I can see Cody and Hangman joining the OGs and Marty getting caught in the middle. I like the fact that Cody had to force himself to show empathy by quoting “Hurt” from NIN.

There’s a couple of things that they’re hinting. I think the voices whether storyline, or not, are the members of SCU. I also think that they gave Jay Lethal that 6-month timetable to write him out, similar to the way they did with Adam Cole.


I figured the Lethal stuff will play til All In and then a lot of him interacting with legends at Starrcast.

Also - I got a real laugh out of Jericho and theBucks:
“We work for different companies” - Alpha Club and Bullet Club…just brialliant nod at what people assumed and then what is BTE cannon.
Bucks on the Cruise of Jericho…Jericho on All In?


New Day vs the Elite at the E3 convention. I guess it’s the Street Fighter rematch from last year with Kenny and Woods.


Wild that WWE allowed this and even posted an article heavily featuring on the dot com


go check out the Wendy’s - Joey Ryan twitter exchange…very funny


Man. Someone from Wendy’s technical support is a huge BTE fan. Hilarious.


The Wendys twitter account seams to be on top of every random piece of internet pop culture. Wrestling, sports, reality TV, hip hop. I think it’s amazing that they always have a hot-take ready. I guess if your job is just to watch twitter all day you can stay up to date on all sorts of stuff.


The debate with Braun a few days ago was also awesome. Braun complained about a location being out of his favorite meal and @Wendy’s replied that somebody was going to get these hands.

They did a lot with Broken Hardy a few years ago.

I think it is brilliant. If a fast food chain is going to be on twitter and active then it ought to know how to play to some of the most active communities on twitter. Wrestling is definitely one of them.


Having the New Day on BTE was pretty surreal. I’d rather see a Bucks vs Usos match, down-the-line.


So some crowd is 100% getting New Day and The Elite I’m a wrestling match. Can’t imagine they’d tease that at the end and have Kenny say it would need to take place on neutral ground to happen. My guess - The Cruise of Jericho!

That will push his sales to sell out and I could easily see that as a bargaining chip he could play with Vince to not wrestle in the states for others. Collaboration - drink it in!