Being the Elite thread... (Spoiler Warning)


I don’t think they’re the kinda guys that care if they go over, just because it’s their show. That said, I do expect the rest of them to go over, maybe with the exception of Page.


Okada should win this. I thought it was revealing that they announced the Okada matchup first and it is not a main-event type match. Since it appears we will be getting matchups that New Japan and ROH can’t otherwise book (or would choose not to such as Jr vs. Hvywght) I am going to throw out some other ideas for matches:

Kenny vs. Mysterio
Kenny vs. Lethal (if both hold respective singles championships this could be an awesome exhibition)
Lethal vs. Mysterio
Young Bucks vs. Fenix & Pentagon Jr.
Hangman Page vs. Joey Ryan (this is all but a lock I’d guess)
I’d love to see something with Stephen Amell and Christopher Daniels but worry how much Amell can do in-ring and whether that leads to a 6 man with SCU (Colt Cabana as a Chicago native and Amell and somebody else could be an interesting 6 man we otherwise wouldn’t get in a promotion)

I am now on the side of thinking that CM Punk will NOT be on this card in an active wrestler capacity whereas I initially did; but it would be pretty incredible if he did appear and potentially set something up for All In 2


Not gonna lie, I really wanted to see Okada vs Pentagon. Or Omega vs Pentagon. But with Fenix also on this show, I think Pentagon is bound for a tag match.


Although they’re great matches, I hope to see the Bucks challenge a team, other than Penta/Felix. The Bucks have already faced them at PWG 2 or 3 times. Always great matches. Ibushi vs Mysterio would be awesome.


Marked out to see POST Wrestling is All In!!!


I encourage fans to open and view this thread. Matt responds a few times in it.


Damn. ROH booked Flip Gordon vs Nick Aldis for the NWA World Title. We’re probably going to get a Cody vs Flip match at All-In.


@Kahiliaulani I recalled posting this in the All In Tickets thread…color me excited

I get animated and passionate about this idea that Cody/Bucks/BTE and so many affiliated with All In are interested in telling real comprehensive wrestling stories. Spin this out a bit more:

IF Flip wins the NWA title Cody has to either book him or give up his title shot - after just losing two consecutive title matches in a row (the King has fallen so far from his ROH 2017 high point) will he really give up one more shot just to spite Flip? Brandi has already been woven into the picture for months. What if Flip loses? Is the newly turned Cody going to give Flip a shot after-all?
This is a story that can be traced back weeks/months and has a destination.

It’s these kind of things that make me so passionate about BTE and the Easter eggs being dropped everywhere by the group. It’s wrestling evolved. The in ring is incredible and backed by just as good nuanced story telling.


I thought Flip winning the NWA title is what would happen too. I actually think that maybe Aldis will keep the title and then maybe do a beatdown on Flip and maybe Cody comes to his rescue and he gets booked for All In. I’m a lot more interested in a Cody/Aldis match, with Cody being a face, than I was with a heel vs heel match.(I’m assuming Aldis is a heel)


Being the Elite 110: Family Dinner

  • back in Jericho’s room Jericho makes a WWE crack about not being able to put Marty on the list because it’s a WWE trademark. When Marty leaves he then says Marty just made the list. Tremendous.
  • Kenny wearing a Bullet Club polo. If anyone can get this for me or tell me where to buy it I will wear it proudly at all future golf tournaments!
  • Kazarian calls George Mason a jobber which got a cheap laugh here
  • the Bucks asking Kenny not to kill Cody when Cody took that botched table spot and looked knocked completely out…also, cool they film this mintues before going out live. They treat it just like a backstage promo but it’s story. (Crowd sounds loud wherever they are)
  • terrific unintentional comedy at the end: Kenny giving Cody a chicken nugget. Cody blurting right out to break silence. And what the hell is Haku’s problem? :joy:


To me the Bucks and Kenny asking about the secret to a 5 star + match had me smirking and laughing.


What did the Bucks Lovers match get? Only 5?

I was also waiting for them to pan to Okada


Yeah it did, I just love how they’re asking Kenny how they can get higher ratings.

Also watching it again, I love Kenny’s facials and body language, it was hilarious.


That part at the end where they were just chillin, eating fast food, after they all got laid out, was hilarious.


This was one of my favourite episodes from recent memory. Some great comedy and some really terrific storyline progression. I did a write up of this episode if anyone would like to check it out? Not sure if we’re allowed to post our own stuff or not? Here it is anyway -’s-G1-Special-in-San-Fransisco


The Haku part is absolutely hilarious.


Where was this posted?


Thanks to @EVIL for posting this. Adding it here as well:


Guerillas of Destiny have had a YouTube channel for a while.


Oh yeah. I hope it becomes like BTE