'Blocking' members

Hi all!

I really want to get back into posting here more regularly again but there are some other users who really sour the experience for me (don’t worry, they can’t see this post as they’re non-Patrons).

I’ve had a look around and, unlike most forums, I can’t see the option to ‘block’ or ‘ignore’ a user.

Can anyone cast any help with this?



I just sent an admin this same question.

I’m pretty tired of reading posts from those same dudes.

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There’s one guy in particular who makes me not want to post in most threads.

Maybe we should start all the threads in the cafe section of the site so they can’t post in them haha.

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I feel the same way. I’m all for everybody’s right to post (within certain guidelines for civility), I’d just like the option to see less of a few “enthusiastic” contributors.

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Weird… I have the option to ignore users. I thought everyone had it. I’ll tell you guys how to do it…

  1. See username of person you don’t like
  2. Scroll past their post and don’t read it.

That’s been my method lately as well.

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No comment.

But yeah


He’s absolutely correct.

But shit posting on a forum is like pizza. I don’t seek it out but I can’t ignore it when it’s front of my face.

As long as they don’t break the rules, this is our/my problem. We can ignore them or leave the forum.

And by the way, I’d be putting a few patrons on ignore. Maybe even one in this thread :-/


Doesn’t work like that when it’s seemingly a constant stream of turgid shite. It’s really off-putting and it’s what made me abandon this forum in the first place. I come back every now and again to see that nothing has changed. So the option to just have a few posters on a block list would work wonders and maybe they’ll eventually notice that less and less people are falling for their bait and they’ll bugger off. Win/Win.

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For me, I dont see the point in blocking people. I’m actually all for trolls, I find them quite fun, even if I dont agree with them. I think it livens places up. But those trolls also can make some good posts from time to time and I never want to cut out any form of discussion that I may want to take part in.

Sometimes for example, I find Deezy & BillyKidmansJorts super annoying, but I’d never want to block them, because they also bring good, solid discussion as well.

I think too many people set their sights on someone they dont like and just automatically hate everything they post.

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Super-Shocked that you’re a fan of trolls.


Yeah, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Trolls devalue conversation and halts new users joining in. Fuck them.


When they are trolling, sure. Nobody trolls all the time.

One of them does…

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It appears to a be a feature the creators of Discourse are working on. For now, continue to flag any appropriate posts. I don’t want to limit anybody’s ability to speak freely, but repeated offences from multiple users will help me justify an appropriate level of punishment.


Once it’s ready, you should offer it as a patreon bonus.

You’d make tons of $


Any updates on the block function?

Because this place is…not fun


I’m to the point I don’t like to even post anything on here.

It never fails to amaze me how hard it is, for people to just ignore someone they don’t like.

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For me, it’s not about not being able to ignore people. It’s the inability to have a discussion about pro wrestling (imagine that) that doesn’t get derailed into bickering by the same few people every time.

I’m not one to advocate banning people unless they seriously crossover into personal attacks, but I agree that this is not a particularly fun place to talk about pro wrestling anymore.