BOSJ Tournament Discussion: (Slight Spoilers)

Although still way too early to call, Takagi vs Sho is a great candidate for MOTY. Btw, anyone have any ideas of whom is gunning for Juice Robinson, on June 5?


Want to rename the title of the thread: BOSJ Tournament Discussion and we can use this as the thread for tournament talk? I like the slight spoilers as not everyone watches same day. I usually try to make the threads but was away and forgot :man_shrugging:

Excited to see the match you referenced. Hope my flight has WiFi! Second time I’ve heard it as being top notch


Watched the first night Live and got to say the SHO-Takagi MOTY contender!

I’m so happy to see all this year’s tournament is LIVE and has English commentary, as while I enjoy the Japanese commentary I know a limited ammount.

Excited to see Robbie Eagles first tournament match tonight. Sent out a tweet earlier this week saying “Remember when Robbie Eagles debuted in Jr Tag Tournament and Rocky Romero didn’t know who Madison Eagles?” And Robbie responded “Oh I Remember!!”

Honestly looking forward to seeing Robbie’s first tournament with NJPW officially starting tonight.

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Robbie Eagles & El Phantasmo going to have to face eachother?! My heart can’t take it.


Shingo vs SHO was so damn good!

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Chris Brookes is who most assume

Rocky and Robbie just had a match that was so far better than I expected. I’m already loving this tournament. Feel
S like a Jr G1. Where every match any night can steal the show!

Caprice Coleman sucks though. Going to be tough to hear him all tour. Thankfully Kevin and Charlton are there


Eagles and Romero had great chemistry


El Phantasmo didn’t get the memo about no cursing


Just for you, Brother. A shit-ton of Taichi in this tournament. :joy::joy:. The Bandido/Phantasmo match was ridiculous!! I also dig the fact that Brody King is in Marty Scurll’s corner. King looks huge compared to the rest of the wrestlers, during the tag matches. My only beef so far, although early, is Douki. He’s been unimpressive so far. I wish they would’ve been able to sub him out with Flip.


Flip had visa issues they are saying.

Night 2 match of the night for me was Rocky and Eagles

I need to still go back and watch Night 1


Yeah, I read that earlier about Flip Gordon. Tbh, I don’t really understand the whole process of obtaining a Visa, in order to work and travel. But you’d figure NJPW would’ve had the issue taken care of in advance, of the tournament. They replaced Flip with either Ren Narita or Douki. Tomorrow’s matchups look awesome!! Looking forward to Sho vs Dragon Lee, Marty vs Ishimori, and Gresham vs Taka.

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Solid Day 2 of matches


Outside of Osprey and ELP I’m most intrigued Day to day by the Block A matches

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Is anyone able to keep up with this?

With the NBA in full force and hype for the Saudi WWE show and Double or nothing seems this is being relegated to the DVR for me

In prioritizing BOSJ over WWE right now and it’s worth it.

Just caught the Shingo Sho match. Wow!!!
Only negative was Caprice Coleman who is irritating as shit. But wow!

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Had to work last night so couldn’t watch live.

So I’ll admit I’m biased but in my opinion Eagles-Romero was the Match Of The Night.

Having seen Robbie Eagles live a number of times against different wrestlers I knew he was capable of a great match. Poped so much when Robbie got the submission with the Ron Miller Special!

Then his comments at the English Table “Rocky didn’t know my family, but know he damn sure knows who the Eagles are now!”

Tonight - Block A

  • Jonathan Gresham Vs Taka Michinoku
  • Tiger Mask Vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  • Titán Vs Shingo Takagi
  • Marty Scurll Vs Taiji Ishimori
  • Dragon Lee Vs Sho

As in the “Times Up” videos for Juice?

Matches of the Tournament so far:

  1. Shingo v Sho - Match of Night 1
  2. Eagles v Rocky - Match of Night 2
  3. El Phantasmo v Bandido
  4. Osprey v Bushi
  5. Ishimori v Dragon Lee (hurt mostly since it was a rematch of a top notch main event a few weeks ago and following a MOTY contender)

Other than the Kanemura/Tiger Mask match, the rest of the matches were really good. Couple of cringe moments with Marty nearly getting dropped on his head, from a tombstone reversal. And I think Dragon Lee is super reckless during his matches. The “tope suicida” on to Sho was ridiculous!! I don’t know what it is, but Shingo Takagi is 2/2 on pulling off some exciting matches, during this tournament.

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