Hey POST-Marks,

Here’s the list of everyone who met my TRMPS donation challenge during the live show yesterday! If you’d like to be on the show, reply in this thread, along with your top 2-3 film choices (Note: If you choose “Journey 2 The Mysterious Island”, you MUST be able to record within the next 2 weeks!).

Names are taken from the YouTube SuperChat

John Sino - G.I. Joe Retaliation (Hercules, San Andreas) :ballot_box_with_check:
Jared Taylor - Skyscraper
Shaun Smith
Richard Smith
Ryan Charkow

Brandon From NJ - Empire State :ballot_box_with_check:
Neal Flanagan - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island :ballot_box_with_check:
Dan Mueller
Know Your Wrestling
Frank Sullo

Raymond Terry
Cool GangbyB (?)
Chris Thunder
Brian Streleckis - Moana (Rampage, FWMF)
Ryan Q.

Jordan Yates
Jordan Stovra
Ja Parka
Icon Drake
Fury 316

Jonathan Barney
MJ From NJ - Ballers :ballot_box_with_check:
Stephen Guttridge - Ballers :ballot_box_with_check:
Shane McDonough - San Andreas :ballot_box_with_check:

Thanks to everyone for their generous donations!

Be Safe…And remember, “Nubian Eyes Are Watching”. :100:


That’s me, Nate!

I’ll do Moana with you if that’s available. My choices beyond that would be Rampage and Fighting With My Family (if that counts).

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Hey what’s good if it’s available I’m putting in a request for Faster

We did “Faster” w/Brother Hanzi & Kris from L.A., but I can pencil you in for “Snitch” or “Empire State”, as those seem to be films w/a similar tone. :100:

Awesome idea, Nate! So am I a definite for GI Joe or should i pick 2 others just in case?

I;ve got you penciled in for G.I. Joe, brother but (SPOILER ALERT), I’m also trying to get a notable guest w/a connection to that project on, so I may be boxed in by his schedule in terms of recording.

So just to be on the safe side, what would be the next two films that you’d like to do? :100:

Ok I’m in for Empire State lmao this will be fun

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gotcha! in that case my next 2 choices would be Hercules and San Andreas

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Hi Nate!

This is great. I’m a patient man and a DC Comics fan, so I’d be happy to wait until ‘Black Adam’, which isn’t even due for release until next year.

As for backup choices, really anything that’s free — I’m also very happy to be on with someone else if they didn’t mind.



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“Black Adam” should be great, even though w/productions everywhere being put on hold, we probably won’t see it until 2022 at the earliest.

You’re more than welcome to guest host on the Journey 2 episode, if you’re free next week, and I’ll keep you in mind for whenever “Black Adam” actually does get released.

As far as the question of how many people can be on one episode, I actually prefer 2 guests as it brings in more opinions on the films! :100:

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Wow, yeah, I forgot filming had been halted on everything!

I’m free next week so absolutely I’ll do Journey 2 :grinning:

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Hey Nate

Honestly I’d be happy to review anything & slot in anywhere is needed, just to throw something a little different out there but would a ‘Ballers’ review work in the context of the show?

Let me know as and when and at the moment plenty of free time to record

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Nate! My combined donations do not count?! ouch.

I wanna review Ballers!

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I must have glossed over you, when I was going down the list, brother!

What I can do is have a special episode on Ballers with you, @Stephen_Gutteridge covering the pilot, but also talking about the entire series as a whole. :100:

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If I may request
1st choice. “Fighting With My Family (2019)”
2nd choice. “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017)”
3rd choice. “Central Intelligence (2016)”

Thanks Nate

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Bumping this thread as I hear GI Joe being discussed.

In light of the XFL news, let’s do the pilot of “Ballers” this month! You still in, @Stephen_Gutteridge? :100:

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Sounds good to me! I’m 5 hours ahead of Eastern time in the U.K. but will do my best to make the timings work & be as flexible as I can.

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Depending on @MJfromNJ’s schedule, I could probably record in the afternoon (evening for you) next week. :100:

Just give me a time and a place and I’ll be there.