Checking in with LeBron ...


I would have Roman Reigns main event Wrestlemania for the next 20 years, if in return we got just a year long break from LeBron vs The Warriors in the finals. I was pulling for the Rockets and Celtics so hard man…


His 3 championship rings say hello :wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3:

I actually posted this in feedback for the Doninion show but it was too much for John to read:

Coming off the NBA Finals where arguably one of the greatest of all times played arguable one of the greatest teams of all time - I can’t help be feel the same having seen these 4 matches. Omega is the LeBron of Wrestling right now - every time you think you’ve seen his best, he ups it a level. And Okada will go down as having one of the greatest runs and tonight showed every reason why his run was a success. From being in control to selling to story telling to the facials - he was incredible in defeat.

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Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, Belmont Stakes with a Triple Crown on the line, a stacked UFC card, and a stacked Dominion card. Not a bad few days. Next weekend has a few things at least with US Open, Money in the Bank, and starting of the Final 8 for college baseball.

James is on what team next year?

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Cavs if I had to bet but I’m only like 52% certain

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Lakers but anyone guess as good as the next tbh

Agree (with the salary cap crap factors included). Lakers and 76ers (and Cleveland) are the only 3 money wise that wouldn’t take some serious Magic (Laker PAT?) to make it work. I’ve read what each team would have to do and it’s pretty daunting to make it work for the team and make it worthwhile with who would be left. Not sure if I were James that I’d want to (probably) go through Houston and Golden State just to get to the finals with a trip to Lakerland

I do see a scenario which Houston cuts a ton of roster and cap to have a trio of Harden CP3 and LeBron and then knows it can at the very least get to conf finals without much else - as Cleveland proved this year. Would see it as a good spot for Melo too if he takes a buyout. The team is all about Iso ball so that fits for everyone so long as the guys can also hit shots. Basketball wise it works and Morey seems hell bent on beating GS. Up to LeBron.

I say La most likely because of his kids and their homes there. Also, would make sense if his oldest plays at UCLA which is the best option for a team that’s in the running.

Ovechkin could’ve ran to a new team, but he didn’t. His one championship cements himself better than any LeBron NBA title. He fucked off to get a ring, he came back because the team surrounded itself with replacements and he fucked that up too.

Jordan wouldn’t have been swept in the finals. Nuff said. I

I don’t have as much of a problem with LBJ constantly in the Finals as I do the Warriors. LeBron is this era’s Jordan (or to use your wrasslin’ analogy John Cena), love him or hate him the dude is box-office. The Warriors on the other hand, have made the Finals boring for me ever since they added KD. I need some level of suspense in my Finals, & the last 2 years there hasn’t been much (if any). Draymond does make for a hell of a villain, though!

If I were handicapping the “Decision 2.0”, I think I’d have it in this order:

  • LA Lakers (marquee franchise w/good young talent)
  • Philly (great young talent that could contend & prolong his career)
  • Houston (best chance to beat GSW in the immediate future)
  • Cleveland (no place like home)
  • Other (SA, GSW, etc.)

Nah…That one chip for “The Land” is one of the more significant accomplishments in modern American sports. That city hadn’t won a championship of any kind since 1964. Not downplaying Ovi & the Caps (I feel like I was among the minority of sports fans that actually wanted them to beat Vegas), but DC’s won titles in the 90’s and 00’s.

I put LeBron in the same boat I do as Tom Brady in terms of GOAT staus…Both are great and are among the 5-10 greatest to ever play their respective sport. But I can never put LeBron over Jordan just like I can’t put Brady over Montana. Perfection in the Championship games matters when you’re splitting hairs amongst the best of the best in my book. :100:




That hot take LeBron shit is super old but not surprised by the source.

It’s worth basically doing whatever you have to to win a championship (that’s the point of it all). So he didn’t fuck up either situation. He should have won one more with the heat (Mavs) but that’s another debate.

LeBron is the second greatest basketball player of all time. He makes the NBA more interesting and entertaining, even if you’re not a fan.

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Just as a reminder that we really have no clue what’s going to happen with LeBron, here’s an interesting article looking back at the speculation in 2010 before “The Decision”:

The popular theories were that LeBron would either stay in Cleveland, go to Chicago or another high profile team. The plan to go to Miami didn’t become clear until the days leading up to July 8th. So I don’t put a lot of weight in the predictions today which speculate the exact same thing.

The only similarity between now and 2010 I see is that I do think he will be leaving Cleveland. Just like his 03-10 run with the Cavs, LBJ dragged a team of nobodies well past where they should have been to finals. He went back in 2014 and won a championship for Cleveland. I can totally foresee him leaving to play for a team with a real shot of challenging the warriors because the Cleveland organization has shown it can’t put a winning team around him.


Bringing this back to wrestling for a second: the Elite feels very much like the Warriors. The group features guys that could no doubt carry their own squads but seem to realize there is a higher level of wrestling that episodes if they stick together - ala the Warriors and how Durant describes his desire to ball at the highest level in that system.

I thought no way was the Decision ending with ‘see ya next year, I’m staying’. Once he decided to announce it in that format, I was pretty shocked that people were surprised he was hitting the road. Dude raised 7 figures for Cleveland charities by having that show and didn’t get credit for that.

Agree. LA and Philly could make it work with the cap the easiest (and maybe P. George to LA also).

Not sure anyone wants to go through Houston and G. State just to get to the finals, but maybe George, LA, and being with his kids (if they are going to LA schools next year) would be the ticket.

I’m not over the moon with the Simmons/Embiid/Fultz trio for the next few years.

Simmons is super unique. He’d fit in way better in the NBA 20 years ago.
Making 0 threes and 56% from the charity stripe are big minuses in this era of hoop (though he’s pretty darn great at everything else)
Embiid has already missed 70 games and he just started. 214 three’s jacked up at 30%? uh, no.
Mr. Fultz. Let’s see Boston traded the #1 pick to Philly for the #3 AND another future first rounder and Tatum is light years over Fultz after one season.
Could still be the best East situation so it could happen with LBJ.

Every other team would have to give away players for free (it looks like). Not saying they wouldn’t do it. Just saying what would be left for James.

the Golden State Lovers ?

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The Golden State Elite

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I guess I wasn’t clear that the article was looking at speculation around this time in 2010, a month before the decision. Staying in Cleveland still seemed to be a likely choice then. But your right, in July when “The Decision” special was announced it was obvious he was leaving and by that time it was clear he was going to Miami.

The point I was trying to make is that I don’t put a lot of weight into speculation I hear today (June 12, 2018). By the time LeBron announces what he’s doing the NBA landscape could change again. It seems like right now most are predicting he will stay in Cleveland or move to LA. But for all we know deals are being made to form a super team in OKC, Orlando, Phoenix, Atlanta, New Orleans or somewhere else.

He should not go to OKC

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