Chris Jericho trending in a bad way

Eek - anyone hear more about this

Harassing Kylie Rae?!


Always wondered why she disappeared from AEW after the early days. Pretty sad if this is why.

Until I actually hear a woman come out and say he did something, I will take this with a grain of salt. But, this just feels like its the beginning of something. I hope not, but a lot of the time where there is smoke there is fire.


Kylie certainly isn’t denying the allegations.

Again this is from Nick Hausman, so take it in whatever you please. I will take it with a grain of salt.

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First off, Nick Hausman is an incredible scumbag for all of this. Regardless of whatever the truth is to this situation, Hausman took it upon himself to a.) (more importantly) throw Kylie Rae’s potential trauma into the public eye. b.) make accusations of calling Jericho a rapist and comparing him to Harvey Weinstein.

There has been a lingering story that Jericho apparently propositioned Rae leading to her quitting. Never had there been anything about an assault, etc.

Jericho may be a scumbag, but there is an ocean of difference between an unwanted advance and being a rapist. Nuance that is completely lost on Twitter right now. Shocking, I know right?

Hausman clearly had a vendetta towards AEW. He had the exchange with Jericho on Christmas morning (the NDA exchange) - and then bring angry over being ignored on media calls. This is all an extension of him being on the outs with the company.

At the time of here leaving, Kylie also posted this…

Anyway, I don’t know what happened. Nobody but those involved actually do.

If Jericho propositioned her, he should be investigated and dealt with. For all we know, something did happen at the time and AEW told him if it happened again, he’s gone.

Anyway, Hausman AGAIN has done something to bring attention to himself to distract from a big AEW moment.

If there is anything to all this, I think Jericho should be removed from the show


I wonder if Hausman’s report was done with Kylie’s blessing at this time? Hence why she kinda co-signed the tweets with her heart response. It doesn’t feel like she’s upset about this coming to light, given her response, but obviously that’s just my outsider’s perspective.

I have a hard time believing that Hausman had her blessing, given how Nick frequently conducts himself.

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Tough to say. But if someone reported on my trauma without consent or contact, I don’t think my immediate public response would be “:heart:


This is a very good take on the situation.

Is it fair to say Nick Hausman has been somehow slighted or feel slighted by AEW so grain of salt kind of thing ?

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“I mean is there a surprise in any industry when it happens? And really, when you look at it, it’s not illegal. He had an affair, paid the lady off to not say anything, and moved on.”

  • Chris Jericho on Vince McMahon

Maybe not a harmless take in retrospect

Not sure if grain of salt or not is the right way.

But using allegations of sexual assault as a “gotcha” on Twitter is absolutely scumbag behavior.

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Let me be clear - if Jericho attempted to use his position of power above a fellow employee to get them to do something they didn’t want to do - it was absolutely wrong.

Jericho should be investigated and dealt with.

But right now the current discussion online is that TK is guilty of covering up rampant sexual abuse…which is a major leap.

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We’ll see what happens but it all comes down to the leadership at top. Everyone heard those rumours years ago and TK, Omega and the Bucks did nothing. Whatever happened with Kylie Rae was swept under the rug and never investigated. The bosses don’t know how to be bosses in AEW.


Nobody here knows if they were investigated or not?
Also - who knows if what happened warranted a full investigation?

People have made giant leaps based on twitter allegations.

The way you’re speaking is exactly how Twitter has gotten so riled up today.

Nothing has ever felt right about the Kylie Rae deal. And based on how management has dealt with other issues, it’s what I guess happened. You think before the launch of Dynamite they wanted a big investigation?

What makes you think they did the right thing? No evidence to support that

All I’m saying is there is no evidence at this time to speculate about anything at all.

And not to say anything negative towards Kylie - but she also had a similarly abrupt departure from Impact.

Also… Hypothetically, if Tony is asked about things tonight at the scrum and he answers along the lines of “We conducted an investigation in 2019. We found no evidence of wrong doing. Everybody parted amicably and agreed not to discuss the matter further.”

Would literally anybody be satisfied?

No. Because Nick Hausman has decided to start a twitter storm and has alleged rape.

Tony was asked about it at the time. He said she asked for her release and Tony asked if everything was ok. No indication of any investigation.